Because of its unique healing properties, Thai massage is famous all over the world.

Thai massage soothes muscular pains, relieves tension, eases sprains, and stimulates blood circulation by the application of pressure on various points of the body, kneading along nerve lines, and stretching various parts of the body from head to toe. The massage heals muscular pain and tension and serves as a great approach to profound relaxation.

Thai massage is more a healing art than one of relaxation found in Western or Swedish style massage. In Thai massage, the massage specialist concentrates on pressure points across the body where an abundance of energy has built up. Releasing this energy and evenly distributing it across the body to create a balance is the basis of Thai massage.

Types of Massage

Commoner Thai Massage

Massage has been an art passed on in many Thai families for a long time. In the past, the purpose of massage was for children to provide comfort to the elderly. Nowadays, commoner Thai massage is by far the most popular form of traditional Thai massage and it is practiced all over the world. Wat Pho, located in Bangkok, is a temple famous as the birthplace for traditional Thai massage and visitors can get a message at the center of take a courses to learn this distinctive local wisdom. Massage soothe muscular pains, relieve tension, eases sprains, and stimulates blood circulation by the application of pressure on various points of the body, kneading along nerve lines, and stretching various part of the body from head to foot. The masseuse in commoner Thai massage not only uses hands to perform the massage, but also other part of the body; such as, elbows, knees, and feet. The massage heals the muscular pain and tension are serves as a great approach to profound relaxation.

Hot Herbal Compress

Part of the exotic cultural heritage of Thailand is the combination of traditional Thai massage and the use of herbs in hot herbal compresses. Their use is result of traditional Thai herbal recipes based on the healing power of natural ingredients. A rich blend of over 10 kinds of herbs in a herbal compress provides invigorating and relaxing effects on the body and mind. The heat from the herbal compress soothes the residual tension of the muscles after a traditional Thai massage and deliver muscular and mental relaxation. Another tremendous benefit of hot herbal compresses is their aroma-therapeutic properties resulting from the release of the essential oils of the herbs. These properties help restore the balance of mind and spirits, as well as reduce stress. Not only are hot herbal compresses beneficial to health and wellness but they also work their magic with beauty. The hot compresses stimulate blood circulation and help open the skin’s pores to allow the therapeutic properties of the herbal mixture to penetrate to moisturize, detoxify, and enhance skin tone.

Royal Thai Massage

Originally offered to members of the royal family only, royal Thai massage is a variation of traditional Thai massage that has become increasingly popular. In this form of massage, it is considered inappropriate and impolite to use parts of body; such as, knees, elbow and feet. Using only hands and fingers to apply pressure on the body’s energy lines, the purpose of a royal massage is more as a treatment than for relaxation.

Thai Foot Massage

Traditional Thai foot massage works wonder for relaxation and stimulation but it also helps relieve discomfort throughout the entire body. The practice of Thai foot massage is complex as force is carefully and precisely applied, using hands, fingers, and sometimes a small around piece of wood call a ‘foot stick’, to a specific nerve spot or pressure point on the feet and lower legs. Each pressure point of the foot is linked to other parts of the body; such as, the lungs, kidneys, or stomach. Therefore the massage helps the muscles and the vital organs of the body.

Tok Sen Lanna Massage

The Northern Region of Thailand offers a unique Lanna technique of therapeutic massage called Tok Sen. The ancient Tok Sen technique involves a herbal oil massage of the body and then tapping along the muscles and pressure points with a special gavel made of tamarind wood. The vibrations of the repetitive tapping stimulate the flow of energy and blood circulation. The nerve system is restored into perfect balance as this traditional technique helps discard negative energy, eases muscular tension, and promotes relaxation.

List of Massages in Thailand


Wat Pho Thai Traditional Medical School

Vareena Spa

Banyan Tree Spa Bangkok (Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok)

So Spa (Sofitel So Bangkok)

Anatara Spa

Rarinjinda Wellness Spa

The Peninsula Spa by ESPA

Sonne Secret Spa, Bangkok

Panpuri Organic Spa, Bangkok

Breeze Spa (Amari Hua Hin Hotel)

Arusaya Spa, Nakhon Pathom

Kangkhuntong Sea Salt Spa, Phetchaburi

Supanniga Spa (Baan Amphawa Resort and Spa)

The Barai (The Barai Suite and Spa at Hyatt)


Paradee Resort and Spa, Rajong

Devarana Spa, Chonburi

Na Spa Pattaya

Abhaibhubejhr Day Spa, Prachinburi


Chiida Spa

Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort

Lanna Come Spa

Oasis Spa Lanna

North East

Tuscan Senses Spa, Nathon Ratchasima


Wareerak Hot Spring Spa

Panviman Spa, Surat Thani

Sukko Cultural Spa

Tarm Tara Spa and Health Cuisine, Phuket

Raintree Spa, Phuket

Melati Beach Resort and Spa, Koh Samui

Bandara Resort and Spa, Koh Samui

Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort, Koh Samui

Six Senses Spa Samui (Six Senses Samui)

Tamarind Springs