Thailand is known as one of the leading spa destinations for both the health-conscious and those seeking relaxation. People in Thailand have a great knowledge of the use of natural methods and ingredients in the promotion of health and wellness, making it a premier spa destination.

Spas in Thailand feature a comprehensive array of revitalizing treatments and therapeutic programs that lead to balanced physical and mental wellness. Spa practitioners, therapists, and masseuses in Thailand are experienced professionals trained at accredited institutes and their skills and hospitality provide visitors with treatments of a high standard.

Thailand is fast becoming the “health holiday” capital of the world. Some of the world’s finest spas are found in Thailand. Built in serene settings, often in lush gardens, wild jungles, or by the seaside, Thailand’s spas are rewriting the book on holistic philosophy. Treatments range from ancient Eastern healing and relaxation techniques to European rejuvenation therapies.