No matter if the weather is hot or cool, rainy or dry, there are festivals throughout Thailand all year long. Thai people enjoy a celebratory culture and value gathering together to honor traditions. They welcome guests and visitors from all walks of life to join in their festivals and events.

HOT SEASON (March–June)

Thailand’s classified “hot season” lasts from March until June. During these months temperatures are higher and occasional rainstorms are common. Despite the heat and rain, the weather is still quite nice along the coasts—where relief from the sun is just a swim away.

GREEN SEASON (July–October)

Sometimes known as the rainy or monsoon season, its not quite how it sounds—while it certainly does rain during the “green season,” the rain is more likely to take shape in the form of brief afternoon downpours than constant drizzle over days. Its a great time to take advantage of attractive prices and smaller crowds, not to mention we belive that Thailand is looking its best this time of year!

COOL SEASON (November–February)

Between November and February, Thai weather is relatively cool and dry. Consequently, the “cool season” is also the most popular time for tourists to visit the country. If you choose to visit during these months, remember that the Thai climate is still warm most of the year and genuinely “cool” weather really only occurs in the northern mountains.