September 20th, 2018 | Travel Tips

Open markets are found throughout the country and carry a distinct character that is very unique to the Thailand. These markets are often a part of the tourist experience as some may offer a glimpse of local living filled with famous charm of the Thai people. This roundup is five our favorite markets in and around Bangkok. Some on the list have been open for generations with others being recent additions to the diverse market experience.

(Mae Klong Railway, photo credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand)

For the Adventure Seeker: Maeklong Railway Market at Mae Klong, Samut Songkhram

Since 1905, the Maeklong Railway Market has had an active train run through it up to eight times a day. While commonly called Siang Tai Talat, or Life-Risking Market, this exciting spot is hardly dangerous if you know what to do. Listen for the warning bell and watch shopkeepers pull back their awnings and goods as the train goes zipping along!

Pak Klong Talad – photo credit Candy Krajangsri

For the Botanist: Pak Klong Talat Flower Market at Amphoe Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

If you have a green thumb, the vibrant Pak Klong Talat Flower Market will be your paradise. At this market, fresh flowers are sold both wholesale and to consumers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Flower garlands, or phuang malai, are the most popular product sold: the Thai word “malai” means garland, while “phuang” signifies “binding together”, coming together to connect both the giver and  receiver with the flowered wreath. Phuang malai can be placed everywhere, from shrines to homes, and are often used in special ceremonies or weddings.

Siam Gypsy Junction –  photo credit

For the Retro Lover: Siam Gypsy Junction Market at Bang Sue, Bangkok

This gem is one of the trendiest night markets to date. Located near the main track of Thailand’s National Railway, the bazaar has an old western saloon theme, complete with wooden facades and quirky vintage trinkets galore. Siam Gypsy Junction is most popular on the weekends, where you can hear live Thai bands rock out in the various bars that are studded along the walkway.

Art Box Thailand –  Photo Cred: Art Box Thailand FB Page

For the Trend Setter: Artbox Thailand Market

Filled with metal shipping containers instead of the usual tents found at markets, Artbox Thailand offers a huge array of fashion, food and performances. Their “Food Idea” section of the market is one of the most intriguing, bringing different vendors to show off unique new creations for the foodie on a journey. This traveling market shifts locations, opening in various spots all over Amazing Thailand, so keep updated through their social media to see where they might head next!

Chang Chui –  Photo Credit –  Tourism Authority of Thailand

For the Art Enthusiast: Chang Chui Market at Bang Phlat, Bangkok

This modern, art-filled locale is new to Thailand’s night market scene. Chang Chui translates to “messy artisan”, fitting for the mixed-use space that is filled with food, art and a giant, unused airplane that sits at the heart of the complex. Grab a drink at the aptly named Runway Bar underneath the body of the jetliner and snap a few inventive pictures for Instagram.