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Thai cuisine is among the most flavorful, most nutritious, most exciting food in the world.

Whether you’re looking for delicious street food or extraordinary chef-inspired cuisine, you are sure to fall in love with Thai food.

Thailand is considered a paradise not only for its breathtaking beauty and inspiring culture but also for its culinary brilliance. Thai cuisine is as rich and diverse as its culture. Uniquely crafted to appeal to all tastes, Thai food combines the best of flavors, textures, colors, and presentation. Add this to the country’s wealth of ancient cooking secrets and Thai hospitality and you find a culinary cache offering enriching and memorable dining experiences.

For Thais, rice is life and forms the center of any meal. It is the soul of Thai cooking, whereas the essence of authentic Thai cuisine lies in its herbs and spices. Not only do these herbs add wonderful tastes and aromas to the food, but they also give a tremendous therapeutic value to the diner’s health. It is common to be served dishes that include hot, sour, sweet and salty flavors at one meal.

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