Here you will discover forested hills, idyllic river valleys, traditional culture and architecture, including some of the country’s most majestic temples.

Explore the North region of Thailand


26 provinces make up Central Thailand with Bangkok as its center. The rain-fed network of rivers and canals makes this the most fertile part of Thailand.

Explore the Central region of Thailand


The South is a beach person’s paradise. Scattered islands off the coast decorate this tropical haven.

Explore the South region of Thailand


Known as “I-San,” this region is home to ancient temple ruins, distinctive food, architecture, and dialects.

Explore the Northeast region of Thailand


Situated just a 2-hour drive from Bangkok, the East Coast is famous as an international playground in the sun. The provinces here include action-packed cities such as Pattaya and relaxing coastlines in Rayong

Explore the East region of Thailand
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