Golfers come from all over the world to enjoy the championship courses in Thailand. The weather is great, the fees are very reasonable and the first-rate courses can be quite challenging.

Thrilling courses staffed by knowledgeable caddies are the reasons why Thailand is a renowned choice for golf enthusiasts. With over 250 golf courses scattered around the country, most located close to major tourist destinations, golfers have the opportunity to enjoy golf and have a holiday at the same time.

Thailand offers a range of remarkable golfing locations set in a diverse landscapes to satisfy all kinds of preferences.

Golf courses in the northern and northeastern regions provide striking layouts with breathtaking views of the mountainous terrain. In the central region and the east coast, there are challenging links of world-class design set amidst forested hills or with picturesque sea views. The south is a paradise for golfers offering challenging courses with ocean views.

The tropical climate of Thailand allows visitors to play anywhere in the country all year round, but the most favorable time is during the cool, dry period between November and February.