Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand! Whether you begin your Thai adventure exploring the capital’s sophisticated megalopolis, or relaxing on the white sandy shores of the south, we’ll be glad you’re here. Anywhere you go you will find heartfelt smiles and warm hospitality.

Ranked among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Thailand is a breathtaking paradise not to be missed. This ancient mystical land has it all: palm-studded white sand beaches, forested mountains cloaked in dawn mists, well-preserved ruins of historic civilizations, and the excitement of Bangkok’s modern metropolis.

While Thailand’s pleasant year-round climate, arresting scenery, and remarkable architecture are deservedly famous, its welcoming people and rich culture are equally fascinating. Thailand is the premier destination for dynamic culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and wholehearted hospitality; come visit and find out why Thailand is an explorer’s paradise.

History & Heritage

Thailand’s offerings don’t stop at its natural beauty and warm hospitality. Travelers can dig into the country’s past and get to know Thailand on a deeper level. With a vibrant heritage and ancient, rich history that reaches back thousands of years, there’s always something new to learn.

The earliest archaeological signs of human habitation in Thailand can be found in the Northeast villages of Ban Chiang and Ban Prasat, where evidence of rice cultivation dates back to 4000 BC. Over the next several thousand years, three major groups of people, the Mon, Khmer, and Thai, migrated south from China to present-day Thailand. The Mon settled in present day Myanmar, the Khmer moved to what is now Cambodia, and the Thais by 1200 had established dominance in three northern Thai states, Lanna, Sukhothai, and Phayao.

Today, Thailand has a constitutional monarchy. Since 1932, Thai kings have exercised their legislative powers by means of a cabinet headed by a prime minister and their judicial powers through the law courts.

Even though the primary religion is Buddhism, Thailand respects all religions. Thus, sizeable minorities of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and others freely practice their respective faiths in Thailand under the King’s patronage. Theravada Buddhism, a descendant from Dvaravati Buddhism of the 10th century, is the professed religion of more than 95% of all Thais, and it casts a strong influence on daily life. Thailand is the only country in the world to successfully incorporate this form of Buddhism into its legal and moral structure.

The Thai language is a tonal language with 5 tones, 20 vowels, and 44 consonants. However, English is widely understood in most tourist areas, particularly Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, and Phuket. English is spoken in most hotels, shops, restaurants, banks, international offices, and car rental offices in major destinations.

Thai Hospitality

The Thai way of life—rich with a kindness so familiar and ubiquitous you’ll feel like you’ve arrived at a new home—is evidence of a culture holding hospitality and connection in the highest regard. In the Land of Smiles, strangers become friends.

Thai cities and towns—including the Thai capital of Bangkok and its citizens—are inherently and undeniably Thai. The local culture is intertwined with everyday lives, existing alongside contemporary advancements that offer a best-of-both-worlds itinerary: a morning long-tail boat tour of ancient temples, a champagne brunch at a luxury hotel, an evening Muay Thai kickboxing match, followed by nightcaps at a classy watering hole to toast a day well spent.

The Thai way of life revolves around a time-honored cultural heritage and established traditions. The country has a wealth of diversity, with each region known for a distinctive way of life depending on cultural influences, locations, and natural resources.

The population is made up of a rich mix of ethnic groups—mainly Thai, Mon, Khmer, Laotian, Chinese, Malay, Persian, and Indian. Thai culture is evident everywhere in the Kingdom, in Buddhist rites which take place in numerous temples, in the succession of festivals that occur throughout the year, and at the country markets where locals haggle, politely, for everything from food to clothing.

Thais are fun-loving people. Nationwide, boxing stadiums, race and golf courses, tennis and squash courts, billiard halls, nightclubs, gourmet restaurants, discotheques, concert halls, teahouses, cocktail lounges, amusement parks, bars, museums, theaters, art galleries, traditional Thai massage centers, zoological gardens, and cinemas attract pleasure-seekers throughout the year.

Natural Beauty

This ancient place has it all: pristine beaches, forested mountains cloaked in dawn mists, and well-preserved ruins of historic civilizations. If you want to escape from your day-to-day scenery with breathtakingly beautiful experiences in nature, Thailand is your destination.

Vegetation of incredible contrasts covers the whole country, ranging from the northern limestone hills blanketed in dense monsoon foliage to the tropical rainforests of the south. These leafy retreats are home to an unbelievable wealth of exotic plants, insects, animals, and birds.

With over 110 national parks and reserves to visit, you can still discover hidden trails and see unusual wildlife as you walk under canopies of unspoiled greenery. Track tiger paw prints through jungle growth and if fortunate, spot this beautiful feline in full majesty. Stumble across secret caves, splash around in streaming waterfalls or soothe muscles in natural hot springs.

Away from dry land, Thailand’s expansive pristine coastline snakes along the Gulf of Thailand to the east as well as the Andaman Sea to the west. It is graced with some of the world’s most idyllic beaches, bays, and islands.

A long-favored destination for adventure thrill-seekers, Thailand has firmly cemented itself as the place to come for activities in nature. Whether seen up-close by kayak, raft, mountain bike, or foot, viewing the scenery and wildlife in Thailand will dazzle and inspire.


One of the leading spa destinations for both the health-conscious and those seeking relaxation, Thailand is a hub for healthy living. Relieve and refresh your body and mind with any number of offerings to increase your well-being.

Thailand is fast becoming the “health holiday” capital of the world. Some of the world’s finest spas are found in Thailand. Built in serene settings, often in lush gardens, wild jungles, or by the seaside, Thailand’s spas are rewriting the book on holistic philosophy. Treatments range from ancient Eastern healing and relaxation techniques to European rejuvenation therapies.

Matching body and mind to create a healthy equilibrium is a common goal for Thais. Equilibrium is achieved through the practice of Buddhism featuring meditation and its important role in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Spas in Thailand feature a comprehensive array of revitalizing treatments and therapeutic programs that lead to balanced physical and mental wellness. Spa practitioners, therapists, and masseuses in Thailand are experienced professionals trained at accredited institutes and their skills and hospitality provide visitors with treatments of high standard. The element of Thai hospitality is a key ingredient that makes the spa experience in Thailand an unrivaled pleasure of pampering and has been recognized throughout the world.

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Thai cuisine is among the most flavorful, most nutritious, most exciting food in the world. Whether you’re looking for delicious street food or extraordinary chef-inspired cuisine, you are sure to fall in love with Thai food.

Thailand is considered a paradise not only for its breathtaking beauty and inspiring culture but also for its culinary brilliance. Thai cuisine is as rich and diverse as its culture. Uniquely crafted to appeal to all tastes, Thai food combines the best of flavors, textures, colors, and presentation. Add this to the country’s wealth of ancient cooking secrets and Thai hospitality and you find a culinary cache offering enriching and memorable dining experiences.

For Thais, rice is life and forms the center of any meal. It is the soul of Thai cooking, whereas the essence of authentic Thai cuisine lies in its herbs and spices. Not only do these herbs add wonderful tastes and aromas to the food, but they also give a tremendous therapeutic value to the diner’s health. It is common to be served dishes that include hot, sour, sweet and salty flavors at one meal.

A typical Thai meal includes soup, spicy salad, fish, rice, vegetables, and sometimes a meat dish, either pork, chicken, or beef.

Thai people love eating and Thai food is often listed among the top reasons why people come to Thailand. Uniquely crafted to appeal to all tastes, Thai food combines the best of flavors, textures, colors, and presentation. Thai food can be found everywhere—street vendors selling noodles and BBQ, food courts or food centers in large shopping malls, traditional markets, open-air garden restaurants, riverside restaurants, dinner cruises along the Chao Phraya River, and seafood restaurants.

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From the simple but authentic local Thai experience to the most opulent, Thailand offers luxurious experiences that are second to none in South East Asia.

When it comes to a diversity of travel experiences and value for money, Thailand remains the sparkling jewel in Southeast Asia’s tourism crown. Thailand, one of the world’s favorite holiday destinations, beloved for its spectacular beaches, delicious world-famous cuisine and a myriad of other top dining options, shopping, friendliness and excellent service, offers a huge range of facilities to suit any budget.

Luxury dining can be found across the country, in the major cities and prime tourist destinations such as Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, and of course, Bangkok. Thailand is full of beautiful cuisine destinations in sophisticated settings ranging from vibrant restaurants by the river to open-air rooftop restaurants on high-rise buildings offering spectacular 360-degree views.

Golf in Thailand offers great value: golfers can enjoy the luxury of golf at world-class courses at magnificent locations, receive five-star service from friendly caddies, and stay in comfortable accommodations at affordable prices.

The entertainment choices in Thailand include classical and modern, and traditional Thai and international performances. The fun-loving nature of Thai people shines through the variety of exquisite cultural performances, each of which has its own historical significance, story, and style. Visitors are advised to see cultural shows as they are wonderful opportunities to learn more about Thai traditions.

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