June 18th, 2018 | Travel Tips

Families Explore the ‘Dinosaur Capital of Thailand’ and Travel Back in Time

Khon Kaen province in Thailand is famous for dinosaurs. Visitors can travel to the heart of dinosaur country in the Phu Wiang mountains where several important paleontological discoveries were made, including two previously unknown species.

Phu Wiang National Park is wonderful and wacky, located truly off-the-beaten track, hundreds of miles away from Bangkok, in Thailand’s Northeast region of Isan.

All around Isan, visitors are likely to find huge dinosaur statues towering over a park, at a zoo or alongside a temple. Dinosaurs even decorate the tops of some public lamp posts as a shout out to the region’s big lizardry claim to fame!

Exploring the Phu Wiang National Park attractions, kids can discover completely new dinosaur species they might have never even heard of before.

The Park covers an area of over 380 square kilometers, so there is a lot of ground to explore. Several unique species indigenous to Thailand were discovered at the National Park and around other sites in the Khon Kaen province, which is why many consider it the dinosaur capital of Thailand.

Visitors will find fossil digs, bones and models in its museums and current active dig sites around the park.

Phu Faek Forest Park, Kalasin

The Dinosaur Footprint Park in Nakhon Phanom province features footprints imprinted into the region’s reddish-brown sandstone approximately 100 million years ago, and later confirmed by Thai paleontologists as footprints of theropods and ornithopods.

Dinosaur excursions make for outstanding day trips with family or friends in Thailand. Isan offers an adventure for travelers who seek local Thai experiences that date back to when dinosaurs roamed the land!

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