February 4th, 2019 | Beaches, Travel Tips

Discover New Sights and Experiences of Khao Lak, Phang-Nga, in Southern Thailand on the Latest Season of The Bachelor!

February is here and we all know it as the month for Valentine’s Day.  We actually have another reason to be excited since our fans will soon be able to see the romantic side of Thailand on their TV screens!

The Tourism Authority of Thailand was a proud participant of an episode of ABCs The Bachelor. The episode in which we are featured will show breathtaking scenes of Thailand as the newest Bachelor continues his journey to love with the remaining women vying for his heart. This episode of The Bachelor, currently celebrating its 23rd season, will air TONIGHT, Monday, February 4, 2019 on ABC. If you miss it, watch with ABC Television streaming and on demand.

Love In Thailand

Sai Rung Waterfall in Khao Lak, Thailand

The episode takes place in the idyllic coastal environment of Khao Lak. Found just an hour north of Phuket in the province of Phang Nga, the area is well known for some of the coziest and quietest resort villages facing the Andaman Sea. This is the ideal location where you would want to have your best poses ready for your Instagram.

Khao Lak is a year-round destination, but the recommended time to visit is from December to February. Not only is the area overflowing with beautiful beaches, but the region is also surrounded by a multitude of lush, green jungles. Three national parks can be found in this area alone!

Love In Thailand

Nang Thong Beach in Khao Lak, Thailand

Here, high-rise hotels are non-existent. Resorts and bungalows blend into the lush forested hills and glittering beaches, and while your stay here can be quaint and quiet, you’ll find yourself pampered and well-taken care of throughout your stay.

Adventures in this region are as beautiful as they are transformative: an entire day can slip away with a guest house stay surrounded by nature in Khao Lak-Lam Ru and exploring the other national parks, or filled with sandy and surf-centered activities, like scuba diving just off the pristine, brilliant beaches of Pak Weep or White Sands Beach.

Here’s our favorites list on where to go, how to get there, and what to do for an adventure in this region:

Khao Lak is best accessed by a flight from either Krabi or Phuket, followed by a scenic cab ride northward for around two hours. The relatively moderate ride is well-worth it: making it out from the crowds pays off in dividends when you’ve found a relatively crowd-free region like this.

National Parks

Khao Lak is home to gorgeous national parks, most especially, Lam-Ru National Park. The protected status of the area has allowed the park to flourish with a stunning amount of flora and fauna.

The trip through this park can be challenging and a little slippery, so make sure to pack a good pair of hiking boots. Even so, the expedition rewards you with access to some of the most gorgeous and unspoiled natural expanses in Thailand. Some trails lead to semi-secluded beach shorelines and waterfalls, providing great places to take a break and soak in the scenery.

Rafting adventures are available through the park, giving you a relaxing route through the heart of the area. Still, one of the best ways to see the park is by grabbing your best hiking boots and taking to the trails!

One of our favorite impromptu retreats in and around the park are the Lam Ru and Ton Chong Fa waterfalls. The five-tier waterfall of Lam Ru is considered to be the most popular of the two, but Tom Chong Fa is a close second. Tom Chong Fa is also home to a community of small fish in the shallow levels. Dip your feet into the pool to experience a complimentary spa session in which the fish nibble on your feet!

Love In Thailand

Cozy beachside views await on the outer reaches of Lam-Ru National Park.

Sea Canoe

If you’ve fallen in love with the sea while on vacation with your beau, tours to Phang-Nga bay are still a popular option here, as is sea canoeing in the area. Tour operators frequent the popular sights and even make stopovers in small villages in the area, seamlessly wrapping your scenic adventure into cultural experiences and exploration. Shameless plug: remember to share your favorite destinations with us at @ThailandInsider!

Love In Thailand

Coastal viewpoints from the Similan Islands.

Hot Springs

After seeing some of our other favorites, it’s easy to see the recuperative nature of visiting a quiet, clean, serene region like Khao Lak. It all comes naturally here! About half an hour from Khao Lak is Thai Muang National Park, which is home to two separate hot springs, the Kapong and Ban Bor Dan Hot Springs. When your feet tire of trekking through the gorgeous jungles, kick off your shoes and enjoy a soak in one of these destinations. Make sure to keep some cash and prepare for a modest entrance fee before making the venture out!

Love In Thailand

Turtles retrieved from nests in the laying season are often released when grown, one major activity during the Turtle Festival in March.

Turtle Festival

Of course, if sharing up close experiences with aquatic residents has captured your interest, make sure to visit Khao Lak and Thai Muang during the spring. For the first week of the month, the aquatic department in the region release a large number of endangered sea turtles into the coastal waters. The festival is celebrated to much fanfare, and even includes giant turtle floats!

Regions of Thai Muang Beach, the Similan Islands and other beaches in Phang Nga Bay are important egg-laying areas for endangered aquatic turtles. Because of this, the conservation center collects and helps to rear many of the turtles in a predator-free environment until they are more mature in age. For a donation to the research center, you can even release a turtle yourself!

Love In Thailand

Diving near the Similan Islands and off the coast of Khao Lak often takes a colorful turn. What will you discover?

Similan Islands

You’ve taken the exploratory route of Khao Lak’s national parks, but if you’re in for more exploring, the Similan Islands are just a stone’s throw away, even closer and more convenient than traveling from Phuket. An effortless hour’s commute away by speedboat, the location is an iconic destination for a round of scuba diving or snorkeling, allowing you to explore the aquamarine with in crystal-clear waters bringing you up-close to flourishing marine life.

Local Market

Of course, what’s a vacation without experiencing some retail therapy? Try Bang Niang Market. The food markets stay open each day, but other clothing and apparel retailers open for Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The area is also home to several grills and a few bars – great places to mix and mingle among the community and small crowds of travelers. The market stays open till 10:00 p.m. on most days, providing plenty of time to grab a bite to eat or some uniquely Thai trinkets to pack for gift-giving back home.

Distinct from many other markets, the area is spacious and relaxed – much like the rest of Khao Lak. Fervor and bustle fades away here – not even a good deal can break the peaceful spirit of this area of Thailand.


Last but hardly least, we can’t forget about the beaches that await in this area of Thailand. While we know that there are sandy shores to explore throughout Southern Thailand, Khao Lak is one of the lesser-frequented regions, making for a more intimate seaside experience, especially if you’re sharing the view with someone you really, really like. Popular yet quiet beaches in this area are Pak Weep or White Sands Beach, but as we’ve learned from exploring the rest of this region, there are plenty of excellent and even more secluded options. Lay claim to your own sandy spot on the shoreline and see the waves washing in.

Love In Thailand

White Sand Beach in Khao Lak


Editor’s Note: The mention of The Bachelor and the various experiences mentioned above does not constitute an endorsement or approval of such destinations by The Bachelor or its Producer.