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Wellness is more than just your physical health, as there are so many other factors that help alleviate stress and gets you in the right mindset, such as colors, sights, and your overall surrounding. We may be biased but we feel Thailand offers the perfect serenity to help you start your wellness journey.

Magnificent green rainforests, palm-fringed beaches and consistently warm temperatures are just a few highlights that make Thailand the dream destination for New Year wellness-seekers. With its abundance of natural beauty and fresh produce, Thailand provides the ultimate retreat to warmth and tranquility that helps banish fatigue and revitalize mind, body, and soul.

Read on for relaxing destinations, services & products in Northern Thailand and the Eastern Gulf that will help you detox and refresh in Part 1 of our series, Resolve To Rejuvenate.


With its vast stretches of greenery, mountainous ranges, and temple-studded villages, northern Thailand offers a wholesome and down-to-earth retreat for those who seek space, quiet, and plenty of nature. This is the ideal atmosphere and climate to totally cleanse and detox.

Experiencing the Relaxing Side of Thailand in 2019

Wachirathan waterfall, Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, best known for its mountains – Doi Suthep and Doi Inthanon, stunning waterfalls and national parks, is a popular choice amongst city-folk looking to escape to clean countryside living. Alongside the replenishing natural surroundings, night markets, and abundance of fresh food, there are plenty of ways to unwind in this enchanting city.

Experiencing the Relaxing Side of Thailand in 2019

Tao Garden, Chiang Mai. Photo: @karinaberg2 / Instagram

For a truly immersive stay amongst Chiang Mai’s natural charms, the well-known healing retreat – Tao Garden provides a superb peaceful escape. Set amongst luscious green countryside, Tao Garden treats guests to a back-to-roots style getaway at its garden-inspired resort. Founded by meditation Master Mantak Chia, the healing retreat has its roots in ancient Taoist philosophy, where healing is delivered holistically to ease the mind, body, and soul. Amongst the spa, gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, and gorgeous gardens, the venue also features special meditation halls, authentic Chi Gung, acupuncture, and a vast range of detox programs to leave you feeling reenergized.

Chiang Rai

Home to the stunning white temple Wat Rong Kun, Chiang Rai offers travelers a wonderful opportunity to immerse in quiet local life. Vast stretches of countryside and quaint villages are dotted throughout Chiang Rai, creating a delightful setting to connect with the community. If you seek something more serene, the mountaintop views are art in motion; a powerful change of perspective to say the least! For those of you who are social media mavens, Chiang Rai offers a great Instagram-worthy backdrop for your photos.

Experiencing the Relaxing Side of Thailand in 2019

Doi Pha Tang, Chiang Rai, Thailand.

For those seeking an eco-conscious, green-friendly, and nature-focused retreat, the Museflower Retreat and Spa won’t disappoint you. Featuring mineral baths, a spa garden, and plenty of fresh organic food from its on-site farm, guests can also enjoy herbal steams, Thai massages, detoxing facials, and reflexology to relieve the stresses of demanding lives. If you’re curious to explore the local area, there’s plenty of relaxing activities to enjoy – including bird-watching, bike-riding, and long-walks in the countryside.


Typically, the Gulf of Thailand maintains hot and tropical weather throughout the year, with warm temperatures ranging between 26°C and 32°C. This region is drier than the rest of Thailand, from January to March, making it a great time to enjoy the fresh, balmy weather.

Koh Samui

The second largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui (an hour’s direct flight from Chiang Mai and Bangkok), is an island blessed with coconut groves, palm-tree-lined beaches and ocean-breezes. Locals refer to this island as the healing island.

With a range of cost-friendly and ultra-luxury spa and wellness options, there’s something to suit travelers of every budget. While staying on the island, lively Bophut Fisherman’s Village and Secret Buddha Garden set in the hills of Koh Samui, are worth a visit.

Considered Thailand’s only all-spa inclusive resort – X2 Resort in Koh Samui is perfect for those seeking 5-star treatments and value for money. With plenty of privacy on offer at this contemporary resort, X2 is an ideal quiet retreat for couples, honeymooners and friends. Guests have access to their own villa pool which is situated close to the beach, where sounds of crashing waves and fresh sea air soothes the senses. As the name suggests, the all-spa inclusive price includes as many spa treatments as you wish – all of which is incorporated in the room rate. Treatments include traditional Thai massage, cleansing facials, body scrubs, and beauty treatments. For sun, sea, and spa treatments on tap – it doesn’t get much better than X2 Resort.

Experiencing the Relaxing Side of Thailand in 2019

X2 Resort, Koh Samui. Photo: @veeonchawee / Instagram

Hua Hin

Experiencing the Relaxing Side of Thailand in 2019

Sunset view from Hua Hin, Thailand.

Formerly a popular summer vacation spot for the Royal Family, Hua Hin has developed into a summer getaway hotspot for Thai families and travelers seeking calm and quiet.

Experiencing the Relaxing Side of Thailand in 2019

Photo- @tan_sripirun : Instagram

Offering a fabulous mix of beaches, street markets, new malls and gorgeous seaside houses – Hua Hin has an appeal that reaches all generations. Cicada Market is not to be missed for a taste of local art, entertainment, handicrafts and delicious Thai snacks – (like the delicious coconut ice cream seen above!) Check out Maruekhathaiyawan Palace to see the 1920’s Thai Victorian construction, featuring pretty lattice work and verandas.

Experiencing the Relaxing Side of Thailand in 2019


For an escape to Thai-style luxury wellness, the award-winning Chiva Som retreat in Hua Hin, is the place to be. With a loyal fan base, repeat customers travel from all over the world to stay at the internationally-praised five-star resort. Combining a unique balance between spirituality and science, Chiva Som expertly blends Eastern and Western wellness treatments to deliver an outstanding holistic experience. Featuring a range of Traditional Thai pavilions as accommodation, the stunning architectural designs and sea views alone are enough to relax and revive. An on-site organic garden supplies a fantastic selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs that feature on the menu. Wellness options include infra-red saunas, plunge-pools, tai-chi, physio, mobility treatment, detox programs, pilates, yoga, and meditation. Boasting superb services delivered by a team of world-class experts, Chiva Som provides an excellent wellness stop.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Resolve to Rejuvenate, where we head to Southern Thailand to explore the many relaxing destinations the region has to offer.

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