Known as one of the world-class destinations, Thailand offers a highly varied experience geared towards people of all interests. Whether they are here for leisure, business, or both, the country has even more to share than laid-back beach culture and world-class spa treatment. You’ll find the perfect adventure holidays in the Land of Smiles. From trekking in a lush forest to embracing the excitement as daredevils diving into the sky, the choices are endless.

Take a closer look at the wealth of soft adventure opportunities offered countrywide. You will bring home once-in-a-lifetime memories. 

Adventure operators in and around the country know their crafts and treat safety as their priority. With expert help, visitors can enjoy every minute of their adventure. They may even become addicted to the charm of their chosen experience.

1. The Sky Is No Limit for the Leap-of-Faith Diving

Fancy jumping out of a perfectly good airplane? Try a tandem skydive—the easiest and safest way to make that giant leap of faith. You are strapped to a highly experienced instructor using a dual harness and single container parachute designed for two. Enjoy the scenic ride up to an altitude of 3,500 meters before making the jump. The instructor will let skydiving enthusiasts experience a thrill of real free fall for 30 seconds before deploying the chute. You then glide down gently to earth as you take in the nature around you.

The minimum age for skydiving is 14 years with parental consent (in writing) otherwise 18 years.

Best of its kind

Thai Sky Adventure 

Thai Sky Adventure, the skydiving operator in Chon Buri, takes skydiving enthusiasts for an adrenaline rush every day from 8am to 6pm.

Skydive Thailand

Skydive Thailand is a leading skydiving facility located in the Pak Chong District of Nakhon Ratchasima. First-timers and licensed skydivers alike are welcome to join the jump of a lifetime from 13,000 feet above land.

2. The Fast and the Furious

Becoming a professional Formula One driver is a long and expensive road. Motorsport enthusiasts and speed-loving travelers can fulfill their dreams of being a circuit warrior and embrace the thrill of fast-and-furious riding right here in Thailand.

Learn how to race in the track and about perfect trajectory and split-second braking from qualified and licensed racing instructors. Get enveloped in the speed and intoxicating roar of the machine. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body while you try your hardest to shave seconds off lap times and reach the podium.

Best of its kind

Taki Racing 

Formula Renault Driving at Taki Racing—a car racing school in the Bangkok suburbs—is equipped with a 170-horsepower roadster that can speed up to 200 kilometers per hour. The race track is complete with stands, pits, and all the safety facilities the driver needs.

With a driving license and money to spare, a seasoned race car driver can sign up for the half-day race, full day race, or two-day exclusive professional drive (group or individual). For pricing information,  fill out the contact form on their website.

Be sure to book your vacation prior to your trip, as the waiting list is long. Race car enthusiasts should book three or four weeks in advance.

3. George-of-the-Jungle Ziplining Fun

If the monkeys and gibbons were watching, they would probably be jaded. For our primate cousins, jumping from branch to branch is as common as peeling a banana.

Equipped with nothing but mobile wrists and energetic disposition, those lovely wild animals are nature’s great arboreal acrobats, capable of traveling from branch to branch at high speed.

But for all of us, less nimble apes, some assistance is needed to swing through the jungle. Ziplining gives a chance for the adventurous souls to whip around the treetops in a lush rainforest.

Put on safety harnesses and helmets and be prepared to enjoy the fresh air on the treetops. While zooming through every twist and curve, gravity takes over, making you swing even faster. Duck your head and pull your knees closer to your chest every time you bounce near the trees, then scream to your heart’s content.

Best of its kind

Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon in Chiang Mai boasts the longest zipline in Asia. Zipline through lush rainforest between 30 platforms, with three sky bridges and two rappel descents in the mix. See Mae Kampong Falls and, if you’re lucky, you might spot the elusive wild gibbons.

Two zipline guides per group of nine people ensure safety at all times. Flight of the Gibbon also offers a similar dose of adventure at Chon Buri—located halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya.

Hanuman World Phuket 

Hanuman World Phuket gets its name from Hanuman, the divine white monkey warrior in the Thai epic, the Ramakien, based on the Indian Ramayana. The eco-adventure park allows you to experience the same feeling the monkey god has when flying through the air.

With different packages, visitors can choose the one that suits their time and their adventurous urge. Safety always comes first, so two zipline guides will accompany every group. Follow the instructions and enjoy the view while you fly.

4. The Passion of The Road Trip on Two Wheels

Beyond the dazzling island beaches and historic temples, Thailand still holds plenty of surprises for those ready to explore off the beaten track. Cycling is a great way to engage the five senses and thoroughly experience Thailand. You can see a whole new side of your destination at your own pace.

The dizzyingly varied natural landscapes, a network of scenic roads, and a lovely local culture will make for an adventurous and satisfying cycling experience. You can make a day trip or take a cycle tour, depending on your physical strength and time.

November and February are the best times for cycling in Thailand. December and January are also suitable, but the mornings and evenings will be cold in northern Thailand.

Best of its kind

Spice Roads Cycling 

Located in Klongtan Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, Spice Roads Cycling offers a cycling tour on every terrain, from short city trips to extensive road riding. The local guide will show you the peaceful back roads and the scenic side streets where the locals live. Enjoy the beautiful tracks and local hospitality that most tourists can hardly notice from their speeding tour bus.

Thailand Cycle Tours

Based in Hua Hin, Thailand Cycle Tours offers packages for every ability. Choices for your journey range from leisure cycling tours in and around Hua Hin to long scenic routes, from Bangkok to the tropical island of Phuket or heading north along the Mekong River across the border to Luang Prabang in Laos.

5. Into the Woods

With pristine rainforests and towering, mist-enveloped mountains, Thailand offers scenic landscapes begging you to explore with your two feet. There is something for all fitness levels, from the evergreen rainforest of Khao Sok National Park in the south to the mountains in Chiang Dao in the north.

Trekking allows you to get away from your daily, busy lifestyle. Discover new things and spaces to take a step back from mundane worries and reconnect with yourself. Travelers can experience an unparalleled insight into the rich biodiversity, cultures, and customs of the locals.

Seemingly small, Thailand has some of the most unique landscapes in the world. The kingdom offers lush, emerald rainforests, stunning caves, mist-enveloped mountains, crystal clear creeks, and waterfalls from north to south.

Trekking in Thailand is available year-round. It is best to check the area of your choice for the best time of the year to visit.

Best of its kind

World Expeditions

With custom made itineraries, World Expeditions helps you explore the pristine forest of northern Thailand with no glitch. Follow an ancient trade route from Khun Khan National Park in Chiang Mai. Walk along the little known Old Elephant Trail and embrace the sweeping panoramas of lush forests and wildlife-spotting opportunities in the mountains.

You can spend your evenings on the trek amongst the locals to learn about traditional culture and a lifestyle unchanged for generations.

Thailand Mountain Trail

Passionate about nature and trail running, Thailand Mountain Trail (TMT) creates its own routes in the deep mountains of Thailand’s north. Relying on the old roads the hill tribes used, the trails pass through the country’s highest peaks, reaching the most remote tribal areas occupied by the ethnic minorities.

TMT offers unique trekking trips far from typical tourist spots. The trips will bring you to the jungle around Chiang Mai, the green valleys and rice fields of the Karen tribes, and to the highest mountains and tribes of Thailand.

Hiking on Samui

Apart from gorgeous beaches, azure sea, and islands, Koh Samui has many more wonders up its sleeve. A day trip with Hiking on Samui shows the different faces of the island.

From short hikes to the waterfalls to several hour hilltop hikes through plantations and parts of the old forest, you will explore the local’s old Samui trails.

6. The River Wild

From July to November, Thailand offers everything from epic journeys along the “Wild Wa” in Nan for the experienced enthusiasts to gentle raft cruises trips along the Tee Lor Su in Tak for beginners. The Wa River is known for its crystal-clear waters while the Tee Lor Su offers glorious mountain scenery along its banks.

Crowned as one of the country’s most popular whitewater courses, the Wa River has everything to offer keen rafters. Paddle through rapids with thick walls of evergreen forests and stunning mountain scenery around you. The river flows through one of Thailand’s largest wilderness areas without roads.

The country’s very best rafting routes include Nam Khek in Phitsanulok (Best Time: July to October), Wa River in Nan (Best time: September to November), Mae Klong River in Tak (Best time: September to October), Mae Taeng River in Chiang Mai (Best Time: July to November), Pai River in Mae Hong Son (Best time: July to November), Hin Ploeng Rapids in Prachin Buri (Best time: July to October), Pha-to in Chumphon (Best time: July to October), and Khlong Klai in Nakhon Si Thammarat (Best time: November to December).

Best of its kind


Two-time world champion kayaker Eric Southwick and Thai and Asian Champions Kriangsak Boonsom and Ekwit Chuapoon are the men behind the 8Adventures. The team offers a tailor-made trip to suit your interests. Certified by the International Rafting Federation, 8Adventures operates 10km whitewater rafting on the Mae Taeng River.

Pai Adventures

Pai Adventures lets you explore the Pai River’s beauty and the untouched jungle of Mae Hong Son. See rocky outcrops covered in the forest, enjoy the waterfall view, stop off at a hot spring, and cliff jump in the rocky gorge all in one day. The 45 kilometers of rafting adventure peaks when you hit 15 sets of rapids up to Class IV.

Siam Rivers

Siam Rivers offers full-day and multi-day whitewater rafting trips on the Mae Taeng River in Chiang Mai as well as custom and organized expedition-style trips on both the Mae Kok in Chiang Rai and Nam Wa in Nan.

From November to January, Siam Rivers offers a Full Moon Adventure through some of Northern Thailand’s most enchanted jungle.

7. Thrills and Skills Rock

Nowadays, leisurely travelers enjoy the principles of rock climbing and add it to their expedition.

Rock climbing gyms are an excellent place for beginners to start learning the basics. Before embarking on your outdoor rock-climbing adventure, train your muscles, add flexibility to your joints, and improve your mental focus.

The excitement escalates as you try to climb to the top, doubling as you hang on the cliff, looking for the best spot to put your feet on.

Thailand offers routes of world-class quality for both beginners and seasoned climbers. Krabi province in the south has stunning limestone formations. Railay Beach in Krabi is one of the most popular spots for rock climbing. Nothing can beat limestone walls and the mesmerizing backdrop of the blue sky and crystal-clear sea.

Lampang and Chiang Mai in northern Thailand offer magnificent routes for passionate climbers, with new courses introduced every year.

Best of its kind

Urban Playground

The Racquet Club’s Urban Playground offers excellent urban adventure, letting you go climbing without leaving Bangkok. Located in the Sukhumvit district, you can easily slip off the BTS Skytrain and find yourself hanging on the wall.

Urban Playground welcomes both beginners and experienced climbers. It also organizes a climbing session for five to nine people if they want to compete.

Rock Domain Climbing Gym 

Rock Domain Climbing Gym (RDCG) in Bangna-Trad road is the first full-scale climbing gym in Thailand. The gym is for climbers of all levels, with safety as its highest priority. RDCG offers a variety of courses with private and group lessons also available.

Real Rocks Climbing 

Real Rocks Climbing in Krabi offers a half-day and full-day climbing session at Railay and Tonsai Beach. Seasoned climbers can opt for multi-pitch routes, which will take you from 100- 150 meters above sea level for some breathtaking views of the coast and sea.

Real Rocks Climbing puts their guides through internationally recognized climbing instructor training and assessments to ensure that all trips run smoothly and safely.

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures 

Explore the limestone playground of Crazy Horse Buttress in Chiang Mai and various climbing routes in Lampang with ease. CMRCA (Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures) brings you to the best-known climbing and caving destinations in the north of Thailand.

CMRCA offers single and multi-day activities for all experience levels with private guides are available one-on-one or for a small group. They receive certification from the America Mountain Guide Association (AMGA).

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