Community Tourism

Community-based tourism is a wonderful way to take visitors on a memorable experience of living like a Thai and learning the Thai way of life.

Community-based tourism takes an engaged approach to travel; it involves both community and visiting group in mutual exchange and learning opportunities. Tourists may opt to join in varying opportunities that touch on the arts, education, team-building and workshop activities. Community tourism has, in recent years, gained popularity because of the impact it makes on local communities, and the benefits it offers to its participants.

Each region of Thailand is known for its distinctive way of life, influenced by location and natural resources. Home-stay accommodation all over the country welcomes visitors to enjoy living in a Thai house with a Thai family, and explore the local lifestyle through hands-on activities that are regionally specific. In the mountainous areas of the north, visitors can enjoy learning about agriculture and tea plantations with the friendly hill-tribe people. In the northeast, the art of weaving silk takes center stage. A home-stay in any region of Thailand is sure to give visitors an up-close-and-personal experience of some of the country’s most distinctive qualities and unique locales.

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