Diving & Snorkeling

Thailand is justly renowned as the underwater capital of Southeast Asia.

Thailand’s marine life is rich with angelfish, blacktip reef sharks, giant clams, great barracuda, manta rays, and the world’s biggest fish—the gigantic yet gentle whale shark. Watching these creatures dart in and out and around iridescent coral formations is a great pleasure. Often referred to as the “rainforests of the sea,” coral reefs are the second most diverse ecosystems in the world.

Thailand regularly features on lists of the world’s best dive spots. With spots like Stonehenge and Elephant Rock and fish like jack tuna and dog-faced puffer fish, the sites are a dramatic theater of marine life. Best of all is the incredible range of hard and soft corals, glittering iridescently, and all the underwater boulders making for swim-throughs, canyons, and cave diving.


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