Food Tours

Thai food is among the best cuisine in the world. Its diverse taste palette spans a wide spectrum of flavors—but be forewarned: it is delicious but it is not for the timid!

Although it comes in all shapes and sizes, it normally packs a punch of some kind. Be it sweet or sour, spicy, salty or bitter, it is sure to awaken your senses and stimulate your body.

Thai food can be found everywhere—street vendors selling noodles and BBQ, food courts or food centers in large shopping malls, traditional markets, open-air garden restaurants, riverside restaurants, dinner cruises along the Chao Phraya River, and seafood restaurants.

Thailand also provides a wide array of gourmet options for travelers from all walks of life. Asian cuisine, such as Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indian, or non-Asian cuisines, such as Italian, French, and Mediterranean, is prepared by experienced chefs from the food’s countries of origin. Fusion food is becoming increasingly popular in Thailand and many Thai restaurants are now offering Western or Japanese dishes, laced with Thai flavors. On the other hand, several Western and non-Asian restaurants also have Thai-flavored dishes on their menus.

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