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Call yourself a foodie, an epicure, or a food connoisseur: if you dream of pleasing your palate while traveling in Thailand, you’re in luck because the country prides itself on being one of the world’s gastronomy hubs.

Whether you’re a fan of street food or fine dining, Thailand has you covered. If you’re interested in learning how to prepare local dishes yourself, the Land of Smiles has plenty of programs to have your preferences fulfilled.

Thailand has perennially ranked among the top rice exporting nations for years, and its superb quality jasmine fragrant rice, delicious fruits, and delectable cuisine have well-established reputations around the world. Dishes like green curry, Massaman curry, som tam, tom yum kung, and Pad Thai are some that are widely appreciated worldwide. They’re chosen continuously among CNN’s World’s Best Foods year after year.

A food haven like Thailand not only leaves you spoiled for choice, it also prepares you to go the extra mile by learning how to master your favorite Thai dishes at a cooking school while experiencing the country’s best street food, the extravagant world of five-star dining, and the wonderland of Michelin Star eateries.

Let the gastronomy journey begin.

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BANGKOK: Street Food Capital 

Being one of the world’s top destinations, Bangkok has some of the tastiest and affordable street food in the country.

Just like other major tourism cities, Thailand’s capital has neighborhoods, including the walking street, where visitors with discerning palates enjoy a variety of delicious snacks and bites as they go along any food market. Bangkok has developed itself from a city of food hawkers and peddlers to a world-renowned center of roadside stalls and eateries. 

In the City of Angels, it goes without saying that where there are people, there is food. Here are some sanctuaries to allow traveling gastronomes to eat their way through Krungthep as it is called in Thai. 

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Part of the Chinatown neighborhood, Yaowarat is synonymous with ‘yummy,’ if you ask food connoisseurs. Bustling by day, the area is equally crowded by night, drawing food-seeking visitors with a variety of tastes, the best of which is served here. There are a lot of star dishes to pinpoint, and each stall and eatery is worth trying. From seafood and dumplings to all kinds of noodles and sweet treats, you can take advantage of the area’s source of delicious food from early morning till late at night as much as your stomach can accommodate.


Ratchawat and nearby Sriyan have been favorite neighborhoods for the people of Bangkok to come and savor sumptuous dishes on both sides of the road. With nothing to sightsee, unlike other areas like Charoen Krung, food is the main attraction. Top eateries in Ratchawat include Ma Yod Pak Rad Na (+662 241 1860) drawing diners who are obsessed with their Rad Na (rice noodles with gravy) cooked over charcoal stoves like in the old days. Chicken noodle that is served in a shophouse close by is worth a try as well. In Sriyan, a small Kaeng Pa Restaurant (+662 241 4216) serves the highlight dish of the namesake, which is hot curry with finger root, black pepper, and chili never fails to please patrons with home-style cooking. 

Charoen Krung & Bangrak

From Taksin BTS Station, an influx of smells of all sorts of food along the main street and small alleys is too much to resist. You’ll always leave a visit to Bangrak and Charoen Krung Road with a full stomach. Foodies will get carried away by the mix of the tempting fragrance of steamed dumpling, stir-fried chili, and holy basil. The sight of colorful fruits on display and bowls of fish maw soup will urge you to join awaiting patrons on roadside eateries. Prince Congee Bangrak (+6689 795 2629), Prachak Roasted Duck (+662 234 3755), and Jay Lee Noodle with fish balls (+02 234 2791) are unmissable for serious street food connoisseurs. 

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Sukhumvit 38

Being an oasis of cheap and affordable dishes in one of the most expensive spots in Bangkok, Sukhumvit 38 is crowded every night with hungry locals and tourists who know the neighborhood as being a street food center with value. Across the street is Thonglor alley, which is worth checking out too. The eatery serves Pad Thai and fried muzzle, one of the best in Bangkok, and is a popular spot. 

Soi Ari

From Ari BTS Station, you are only a few steps away from a street food neighborhood where price ranges from a couple of bucks to US$10+ each. From pork satay and somtam from a simple stall to an eatery specializing in congee and a relaxed restaurant serving Isan, Soi Ari has it all. A cluster of stalls selling rice and all kinds of curry, chicken rice, and noodles with fish balls on the early part of the alley is usually crowded with patrons throughout the day. 

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Other Notable Street Food Areas

Silom Road

A frequent visitor to Bangkok should get used to the sight of locals and tourists having some quick meals in different sois and alleys during day time at Silom Road. At night, foodies are often seen in front of roadside stalls waiting to order, especially when all the bars are closed, and clubgoers are outside. It doesn’t guarantee to fix their hangover the next morning, but it definitely keeps their stomachs well-fed. 

Banglamphu/Khao San

Visitors know that hostel neighborhoods like Banglamphu and Khao San Road are like the plaza of roadside eateries, and you can enjoy affordable street food at almost every street corner, with Pad Thai and fried spring rolls being the most popular dishes.


Home to apartment complexes mostly rented by students, Ramkhamhaeng Road has long been a hub of good-price meals for Bangkokians, although not known for anything in particular.

Sam Yan & Saphan Lueang

At the Sam Yan Intersection from Lumphini Park along Rama IV Road, Saphan Lueang is on the left and Sam Yan area on the right. Each side is filled with clusters of stalls and eateries serving yummy food at an affordable price, from noodles with fish balls and kuay jub (rice roll noodles in soup) to satay and sukiyaki. 

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What & Where to Eat in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai prides itself on being the diner’s paradise with distinctive delectable dishes that one can’t leave without trying. Here is what and where tasteful travelers should consider checking out.

Khao Soi & Khanom Jeen Nam Ngeow

For epicureans, northern local food makes Chiang Mai one of the most visited tourist spots in Thailand. It’s the hub of the north, which means you can enjoy khao soi (coconut curry noodle) and khanom jeen ngeow (is rice noodles with hot and spicy soup) as much as you like. Both Khao Soi Khun Yai, or Grandma’s Khao Soi (+6686 712 4314) and Khao Sai Mae Sai (+6653 213 284) are famous for both dishes.

Sai Ua

This classic northern-style sausage infused with lots of spices and herbs, including lemongrass and kaffir lime, is not to be missed. A widely available street snack, its taste, and texture can vary. Some can be dry and spicy, while some can be oily and mild in flavor. Try shophouses like Pa Pan, or Aunt Pan (+6698 789 0955) on Sitthiwong, behind Miami Hotel. Their grilled sausage is one of the best in town.

Chang Phuek Gate & Chiang Mai Gate 

Of the five gates protecting the old city of Chiang Mai, the Chang Phuek and Chiang Mai gates should be on top of the foodies’ list, since each has food markets where diners wish their stomachs had more space.

Starting from late afternoon, the Chang Phuek Gate will become lively with stalls of street food, and food lovers from all directions will swarm to the area ready to try various types of food. The eatery selling stewed pork knuckles has been one of the more popular stalls in the market. 

The night food market at the Chiang Mai Gate starts around the same time, and judging by the number of stalls, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from for dinner.

Huen Phen Restaurant

One of the well-known local restaurants, Huan Phen is a must-visit if you want to try home-style cooking at its finest in a home-like ambiance. Its menu consists of all kinds of local curry with a wide selection of other yummy delights. Their khao soi with beef is second-to-one. Huen Pen (+6653 814 548) is located in the old town close to Wat Phra Singh. It’s open daily from 8.30am – 10pm.

Pad Thai at Lan Pad Thai

This small eatery on Sitthiwong Road (+6689 955 0883) serves delicious Pad Thai cooked over a charcoal stove by a lovely old lady and a team of her peers. Their fried noodles taste, unlike others’ and takeaway orders, are wrapped in banana leaves with fresh vegetables that are carefully prepared. 

Jok Somphet 

This restaurant (+6653 210 649) close to Chang Phuek Gate mainly serves congee, as the word Jok means in Thai, but also has a variety of food and drink is available, including dim sum, fried rice, boiled rice with all kinds of meat, and fresh coffee. Whenever you feel like having a newly prepared meal, head here as it’s open 24 hours and is usually very crowded in the morning. 

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Breakfast Like Locals 

As a melting pot of diverse cuisine cultures, with Malay, Chinese, and Indian influence mixed with Thai to create a fusion of flavors, Phuket provides unique foodie experiences admired by locals and international visitors.  

Locals have a unique way when it comes to the first meal of the day. If you want to eat like locals, get up early and head to any eatery serving quintessential dim sum. That’s what locals prefer as their brekkie. Steamed pork dumplings, rice noodles with shrimp or minced pork wrapped in seaweed and other small variations of dishes locally called as ‘siew boi’ remain their favorites for decades. Boonrat Dim Sum (+6676 212 034) and Juan Hiang (+6676 210 795) in downtown are two of the famous dim sum eateries in the area.  

Khanom jeen, a dish of cold fermented rice noodles in a rich and creamy coconut-based curry sauce, as well as roti with curry come close as alternatives. Khanom Jeen Pa Mai and Khanom Jeen Mae Ting (+6695 190 5049) are among the best eateries of their sort while Roti Thaw Nam (+6676 210 061) and Chao Fah Roti (+6676 221 771) are two of the locals’ preferred options.  

Local islanders love to finish their breakfast with kopi, which is a thick glass of strong coffee with sweet condensed milk. Try it if you feel like getting your caffeine fix.

The remarkable food scene here was part of the reason why Phuket was selected as the City of Gastronomy in UNESCO’s World’s Leading Cities of Gastronomy in 2017.

For other kinds of food, make your way to lanes and streets of Phuket Town where you can find and savor most authentic street food available on the island.     

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Michelin-Star Studded Dining Experience 

When restaurants are awarded Michelin Stars, customers know that these eateries are some of the best in the culinary world. 

Thailand was first featured in the Michelin Guide in their 2018 edition, with only Bangkok included, and since it has attracted food connoisseurs all over the world to come and taste what the country has to offer. The 2020 edition, which includes Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Phang Nga, digs deep into the greatest restaurants and eateries worthy of hype and praise. The third edition of the Michelin Guide Thailand features 29 restaurants with prestigious stars.

Here are some recommended restaurants to make your gastronomy journey in Thailand a truly Michelin star-studded experience.

Jay Fai on Maha Chai Road | Shutterstock



This two-Michelin-star restaurant in Sukhumvit 26 alley serves refined Thai cooking in an uncompromising taste of heavily spiced, tongue-burning Southern fare. This restaurant was founded by two visionary South-born co-founders, one of which was the man behind the popular Thai eatery Baan Ice. Thematically inspired by the tropical forests of southern Thailand, the restaurant is a tasteful testimony that the feisty flavors of the region can turn the tables in the culinary world. 

Opening Hours: Tue-Fri 6-11pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-2pm, 6-11pm

Telephone: +6699 081 1119

Website:  http://www.sornfinesouthern.com 


One of the two two-Michelin-star restaurants in Thailand, R.Harn was founded by celebrity chef Chumpol Jangprai and offers an incomparable Thai fine dining experience. R.Harn serves authentic Thai food, both regional and royal cuisine, using ingredients from all over the country. The restaurant aims to reflect how food influenced Thai people and culture. 

Opening Hours: 6-11pm 

Telephone: +662 059 0433

Website: https://www.r-haan.com   


Nahm at the Como Cosmopolitan Hotel on Sathorn Tai Road serves the finest Thai food, with an emphasis on the original taste using a variety of spices. Famed for its modern take on traditional Thai dishes, the restaurant now has several signatures including red curry with scallops, Thai basil, and coconut, as well as coconut and turmeric curry with blue swimmer crab and calamansi lime. 

Opening Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri 12pm-2pm. Dinner daily 6.30 – 10.15pm. 

Telephone: +662 625 3388. 

Website: https://www.comohotels.com/en/metropolitanbangkok/dining/nahm.   


Known for an emphasis on sustainability using only organic ingredients sourced from independent farmers, Bo.Lan in Sukhumvit 53 Alley offers a menu where the flavors, textures, and complexity of its dishes are served in a sharing experience like a Thai home-cooked meal with hints of modernity in the presentation. 

Opening Hours: Wed 6-10pm, Thu-Sat 12pm-2pm, 6-10.30pm and Sun 12pm-2pm. Telephone: +662 260 2962. 

Website http://www.bolan.co.th/2019/   

Jay Fai

Thailand’s only Michelin-starred “street food” eatery to date, Jay Fai on Maha Chai Road is frequented by local epicures who know they will get a satisfying food experience. With a Michelin star under her belt and a huge fan base, Jay Fai is usually fully booked, and you need a reservation to get a chance to try her now-a-signature crab meat omelet for 800 baht.  

Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 1.30pm – 12am

Telephone: +6692 724 9633

Methavalai Sorndaeng

Located on the historic Ratchadamnoen Road, Methavalai Sorndaeng remains a favorite restaurant for those fond of traditional Thai cuisine. It offers a vast array of local dishes in a classic standard restaurant ambiance with Pomelo, prawn salad, and crab curry with cha-om or Acacia Pennata as highlight dishes. 

Opening Hours: Daily at 10.30am-10pm. 

Telephone: +662 224 3088, a+662 224 3178.

Khua Kai from Khua Kai Nimman, Chiang Mai | Joe Yoteyord


Celebrated as another cuisine haven for food-focused travelers, Chiang Mai, featured for the first time in Michelin Thailand Guide 2020 edition, takes pride in all 17 eateries awarded the Bib Gourmand status recognizing affordable restaurants offering exceptional food. 

These are some of the eateries serving delectable dishes worthy of the coveted Michelin status.

Ginger Farm Kitchen

Dotted by lots of plants, this farm-to-table concept restaurant emphasizes the use of most fresh produce in its dishes, with northern Thai cuisine taking center stage on the menu. 

Opening Hours: Lunch and dinner daily

Telephone: +6652 080 928 

Huen Muan Jai

The traditional Lanna house with a garden offers traditional dishes barely available nowadays, including spicy soup with young jackfruit and pork, while classics like Hunglay curry is recommended. 

Opening Hours: 11am-9pm, closed on Wed

Telephone: +6653 404 998 

SP Chicken

Offering authentic Isan classics, SP Chicken in Old Town lures passers-by with the aromatic and juicy rotisserie chicken slowly spinning on vertical spits. Most of the diners unanimously agree that when it comes to grilled chicken, SP Chicken does it right.

Opening Hours: 10am-5pm

Telephone: +6680 500 5035

Khao Tom Yong (Suthep Road)

Drawing late-night customers, Khao Tom Yong serves boiled rice with some side dish variations of your choice. Stir-fried clams with chili paste and spicy and sour soup with pork spare ribs are two of the most favorite among patrons.

Opening Hours: 5pm-2am

Telephone: +6653 277 942

Khua Kai Nimman 

Thanks to its prime location on Nimman Road and its tasty signature dish, Khua Kai Nimman serves full-flavored Khua Kai, fried noodles with chicken and squid, in different variations. Other dishes pack tons of flavor too.  

Opening Hours: 

Telephone: +6682 180 1177

Meena Rice Based Cuisine

Hidden in the far end of Loang Him Kao community in the San Kham Phaeng district, Meena Rice Based Cuisine specializes in rice, with most dishes are garnished with flowers and fruits, making them a feast for the eyes as well. For vegetarians, the restaurant serves plenty of vegan options too. 

Opening Hours: 10am-5pm, closed on Wed

Telephone: +6687 177 0523


Phuket has managed to clinch a star from the prestigious Michelin rating system, with Pru being awarded one star and 14 other eateries receiving the Bib Gourmand status in the Michelin Thailand Guide 2020. 


With its name translated as ‘plant, raise and understand,’ Pru is close to the sea. Located in Trisara Phuket, a luxury resort, the restaurant serves local cuisine with newfound creativity. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced, many of which are from the resort’s organic farm. Expect dishes with a neat and sophisticated presentation, a criterion for truly fine dining. 

Opening Hours: 6-10.30pm, closed on Sunday

Telephone: +6676 310 100

Website: http://prurestaurant.com  

Telephone: +6687 177 0523

For epicures who have a soft spot for street food, these are some of the eateries with Bib Gourmand and Michelin Plate status.

Go Benz 

Open daily from 7pm-3.30am, Go Benz in Phuket Town dishes out bowls of dry porridge (khaotom haeng) with the broth on the side. Try it, and you’ll understand why it’s always full of patrons. Telephone: +6684 060 7799. 

Hong Khao Tom Pla 

Hong Khao Tom Pla doesn’t just serve fish porridge as its name translates to, both the crab curry and tom yum soup are worth trying. Telephone: +6686 277 8067.

Mee Ton Poe 

Mee Ton Poe is known for its stir-fried Hokkien noodles with pork, vegetables, or seafood cooked over a charcoal stove. Other dishes like satay and fish cakes are also tasty options. Telephone: +6676 216 293. 

Go La 

Go La serves soft and thick yellow Hokkien fried noodles with oozing egg and crisp vegetables. It’s not in its second generation.

Chuan Chim 

Fresh seafood dishes make Chuan Chim a popular eatery, and its stir-fried holy basil with minced pork or chicken is equally as tasty, earning its following. Telephone: +6676 215 825.

O Cha Rot 

Open from 7am-3pm, O Cha Rot serves noodle soup with homemade meatballs and slices of beef, which nearly melt in your mouth. Telephone: +6676 213 347.

Tantalizing One’s Taste Buds with Food Tours  

To tantalize their taste buds in Thailand, international travelers can learn from their first-hand experience when they try pleasant-tasting local dishes while exploring the culinary culture in different cities. Prior to traveling to Thailand, information online and consulting experts are helpful when it comes to planning a foodie trip to the country.

Food tours can make a massive difference in providing insight into the local dining scene not fully revealed to foreigners. Local guides often come up with fascinating new angles to the world of Thai cuisine that you’ve never seen before. 

In main travel destinations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, food tour services are not hard to find. Some agencies own a network covering most of the tourist cities, while some choose to specialize in the area where they are based. 

Here are some fabulous food tour programs in major cities in Thailand to spice up your gastronomy journey.

Food Tours by Tuk Tuk in Bangkok | Shutterstock


Bangkok Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk 

There’s nothing better than exploring the City of Angel’s dining scene at night! With the travel modes by foot and Tuk-Tuk, this 4-hour tour guarantees to be a thrilling experience. The fun trip by Bangkok Food Tours starts at Sam Yan MRT subway station, close to Chulalongkorn University, and takes you to different stops, including a northeastern Thai restaurant, the renowned flower market, a bar, and Bangkok’s best Pad Thai. 

Happy Veggies – Vegetarian Food Tour in Bangkok by Tuk Tuk 

This 4-hour 45-minute tour catered towards non-meat eaters will uncover some of the best vegetarian restaurants under the tourists’ radar around Yaowarat and nearby neighborhoods. Tastings vary from papaya salad and sushi to mushroom curry and mango with sticky rice. 

The above-mentioned tours are arranged by Bangkok Food Tours. 

Telephone: +6695 943 9222

Email: info@bangkokfoodtours.com

Website: https://www.bangkokfoodtours.com 

Bangkok Street Food Tour

This 2-hour 30-minute program by Bangkok Street Food Tour around Yaowarat is for those who have limited time to spend yet prefer nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Tourists are led to hidden corners of Bangkok by foot and a public bus like a local. Some dishes you’d get to try to include pork buns, chicken satay, flaming morning glory, Thai basil chicken, and dim sum.

Bangkok Street Food Tour

Telephone: +6685 918 6324

Email: contact@bangkokbikeadventure.com

Website: http://www.bangkokstreetfoodtour.com 

Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite 10 Thai Tastings Tour

To eat like one of the world’s most famous chefs, book this tour with Withlocals and enjoy the 3-hour journey to please your palate with 10 food tastings. You’ll also have a chance to wander through one of the world’s best fresh markets, the Or Tor Kor, for a wide variety of local products.

Taste the Flavors of Bangkok: Spicy Food Tour

This tour isn’t for those who aren’t ready to challenge themselves with something spicy and fiery. This 2-hour 30-minute private tour will introduce you to Thailand’s hottest northeastern dishes, from spicy salad to steamy soups in the buzzing streets of the Sathorn District. Have your water close by and your handkerchief ready. 


Telephone: +31 20 2440 076

Email: hello@withlocals.com

Website: https://www.withlocals.com/experiences/thailand/bangkok/tours/food-tours/ 

Kad Luang in Chiang Mai | Shutterstock


The Rose of the North is the city of cuisine charms and each of the following tours will allow you to explore their culinary culture thoroughly. 

Chiang Mai Food & Daily Life

This 5-hour tour allows foodies to discover Chiang Mai and its culinary world through the eyes of the locals. You’ll get to explore the most famous market, Warorot, known as Kad Luang to locals, and the nearby flower market, with plenty of tastings and sightseeing along the way.

I Day Trip

Telephone: +662 641 6063

Email: hello@idaytrip.com 

Website: https://www.idaytrip.com/tour/chiang-mai-food-daily-life/ 

Chiang Mai Night Food Tour by Motorbike

Full of small roads and alleyways, Chiang Mai’s inner city is best explored by a motorcycle. This tour offers a full-flavored experience on a motorbike through small and secret sections of the streets. Tastings include Northern Thai traditional delicacies, Thai-Chinese dishes with local twists, a contemporary Thai cuisine, and a Thai craft beer in a secret bar to end the journey on a high note.

Chiang Mai Food Tours

Telephone: +662 641 6063

Email: info@chiangmaifoodtours.com 

Website: https://www.chiangmaifoodtours.com/   

The Evening Foodie Tour

Go where the locals go, eat what the locals eat! This slogan by Chiang Mai Foodie Tours explains why their programs involve the local way of living. This 4-hour tour starts at 4pm and includes stops at Warorot Market, Wat Chedi Luang, and Chang Pheuk Gate, where the food market awaits your visit. Northern sausage, Hunglay curry, Larb Moo, and the award-winning herbal salad are some of the mouth-watering dishes to whet your appetite.  

Chiang Mai Foodie Tours

Telephone: +6680 494 8080

Email: info@chiangmaifoodietours.com, cmfoodietours@gmail.com 

Website: http://cm.chiangmaifoodietours.com 

Chiang Mai’s Favorite Food Tour: 10 Tastings

Everybody has a preference when it comes to eating. This tour includes 10 of the best dishes that contribute to Chiang Mai being known as a food heaven. Get prepared to feast your senses as you explore the authentic flavors of this beloved city. There seems to be something for everyone, from som tam and Pad Thai to the northern sausage, khao soi, and a nice cold Chang beer. It’s truly unique experience of tasty treats and local sights.


Telephone: +31 20 2440 076

Email: hello@withlocals.com

Website: https://www.withlocals.com/experience/chiang-mai-s-favorite-food-tour-10-tastings-35cb9268/?adults=4&children=0 

Dim Sum in Phuket | Shutterstock


The Pearl of Andaman wasn’t selected as the City of Gastronomy by UNESCO in 2017 for nothing. As the melting pot of Thai, Malay, Burmese, and Chinese cuisine, Phuket confirms that southern Thai food is sublime and second to none. These food tours showcase some of the magical tastes Phuket has to offer.  

Phuket Food Tour

A Chef’s Tour was founded to create and curate food experiences good enough for chefs. The tour delves into the sumptuous cuisine of Phuket and provides the historical and cultural background of Old Town Phuket. With a local guide who knows about local food and cooking, this guarantees an adventurous 4-hour lunchtime you don’t want to miss.

A Chef’s Tour


Email: info@achefstour.com 

Website: https://achefstour.com/tour/phuket-old-town-food-tour 

Phuket Local Food: The Tastiest Foodie Adventure 

This full-day foodie tour takes off at 8am and ends around 10pm, during which you will get to taste five scrumptious meals in unique eateries. With breakfast at a local curry noodle shophouse with 10 different kinds of curry and lunch at a restaurant serving crispy noodles with gravy sauce, pork satay, and steamed coconut custard, everything sounds about right as the tastiest foodie adventure. With a relaxing Thai massage during the day and a bowl of grass jelly with ice to beat the heat, the tour comes to a perfect end at a local eatery known for its tasty dry rice porridge. 

Take Me Tour

Telephone: +6683 076 1452

Email: support@takemetour.com  

Website: https://www.takemetour.com   

Phuket Night Food Tour & Old Town’s Magical Lights & Old Town Phuket & Peranakan Food Trail

These two private group tours combine sight-seeing and food tastings to highlight Phuket as the magical tourist destination and gastronomic heaven any foodies should be fond of. With different itineraries, each tour guarantees to be a feast for both the eyes and senses. 

Phuket Food Tours

Telephone: +6695 943 9222

Email: info@phuketfoodtours.com  

Website: https://www.phuketfoodtours.com/phuket-night-food-tour/,  https://www.phuketfoodtours.com/old-town-phuket-and-peranakan-food-trail/


Food Tours in Other Cities

Bangkok Food Tours (+6695 943 9222, info@bangkokfoodtours.com) organizes food tours in Ayutthaya as well. For details, log on to https://www.bangkokfoodtours.com/ancient-ayutthaya-food-and-history-tour/

For any food tour in Chiang Rai, check out the peer-to-peer platform Backstreet Academy at https://www.backstreetacademy.com/chiang-rai/870/chiang-rai-food-tour.

Samui visitors can enjoy the similar food tour experience arranged by Samui Island Explorer (+6689 027 3827, info@samuiislandexplorer.com). For details, go to https://www.samuiislandexplorer.com/tours/thai-food-tour-by-foot/.  

Isan Explorer organizes the food tour in Khon Kaen, log on to https://www.isanexplorer.com/taste-of-isan-food-tour.html for information.   

Cook Like Locals 

Following your experience with Thai food, go the extra mile and learn how to prepare some of the local dishes. These cooking classes around the Land of Smiles will open doors to a new skill that could put a smile on your face. 

Cooking Class in Bangkok | Shutterstock


Pink Chili on Sukhumvit 77 offers a 4-hour, 4-dish class and other cooking courses. Call +66 95 820 8659 or contact cookingschoolbangkok@gmail.com. Visit their website at https://www.cookingschoolbangkok.com

Cookly organizes a 3-hour 30-minute Street Food Cooking and Explore the Biggest Local Fresh Market course with a visit to Khlong Toei market. Students get to make 4 dishes. For details, go to https://www.cookly.me/cooking-class/bangkok/.

Cooking Class in Chiang Mai | Thailand Insider


Smile Organic Farm Cooking School doesn’t only teach you how to cook Thai dishes in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere, you will also get to learn how to grow vegetables and taste herbs in their garden farms. Check out their courses at https://www.smileorganicfarmcookingschool.com. Contact info@smileorganicfarmcookingschool.com or call +6687 193 3221. 

Founded in 1993, the Thai Cookery School on Moon Muang Road offers a traditional-style Thai cooking course for beginners ranging from one to five days. Contact +6653 206 388 or booking@thaicookeryschool.com. For details, go to https://www.thaicookeryschool.com

Many hostels along the moat in the Old Town provide different cooking classes as well. Even if they don’t, they can provide useful information upon request.

Preparing Spicy Thai Papaya Salad | Shutterstock


Muk’s Home Cooking School offers a few classes, including one for kids and a private session at your villa. Call +6680 049 5898 or check out www.muks-homecooking-school.com or https://www.facebook.com/mukshomecookingschool

The Blue Elephant cooking class is part of the famous namesake restaurant, offering traditional Thai cooking tuition from three to five hours, depending on the class you select. Call+6676 354 355. For details, go to https://www.blueelephant.com/cooking-school-phuket/.   

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