Hidden Gems in Thailand’s East

Tucked away in Thailand’s easternmost frontier, Chang and Kut (locally known as Ko Chang and Ko Kut) are two large islands with chains of smaller islands scattered around.

Covered with rainforests, Ko Chang and Ko Kut are rich in history and travel anecdotes. Long before the beach lovers and holidaymakers set foot on this part of the sea, the islands filled with Chinese traders, seafarers, pirates, and foreign invaders. For a month in 1941, Ko Chang and Ko Kut became a battleground of the French-Thai War.

Today, the sea bed in-between Ko Chang and Ko Kut is a retirement home for many ships—including the USS Lincoln County 898 (later renamed “712 HTMS Chang”), a U.S.-made warship serving during WWII. The HTMS Chang wreck is now a feeding ground for marine life, making it a scuba diving paradise.

Far from a big city, Ko Chang was once home to local fishers and coconut farmers. Ko Kut, on the other hand, was considered a no-go as pirates frequented it.

Tales of deserted white sandy beaches lining with palm trees lure the solitude-seekers, well-informed travelers, and divers to Ko Chang and Ko Kut, the hidden paradises of Thailand’s east.


Only an hour by ferry from Trat province, Ko Chang is Thailand’s second-largest island after Phuket. The island boasts an unusual blend of old-school stilted bungalows, boutique resorts, spas, and coconut-swaying beaches.

You will need at least a week to enjoy Ko Chang fully.

The first day, lie on the beach and plunge into an infinity pool to cure jet lag in style. On the second day, explore the island and try some local food at one of its restaurants. Then, on the third day, look back to the island and try to make sense of the “Elephant Island” from sea kayak before returning to the hotel for an indulgent spa treatment. For the rest of your stay, hit the beaches again and go diving around its satellite islands.

Beyond Ko Chang lies Ko Mak and Ko Kut, both boasting an impressive history that’s well worth visiting. Take a day trip from Ko Chang.

Getting There


The nearest airport to Ko Chang is Trat Airport. Bangkok Airways operates daily flights from/to Suvarnabhumi Airport and Trat Airport.


Two passenger buses depart daily from Bangkok’s Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) to Thammachat Pier in Trat. 


In Trat province, ferries travel daily to Chang Island from two local piers: Center Point and Thammachat

Getting Around

Songthaew, a passenger pick-up truck, is a popular choice for beach hopping and traveling around Chang Many visitors hire motorcycles to explore the island on two wheels. 

5 Best Beaches in Ko Chang 

The west coast of Ko Chang is where all the best beaches are, from Ko Chang Pier in the north to the southern end at Bang Bao fishing community and local pier. These sandy beaches have different characteristics, varying from amiable and quiet family favorites to bustling backpacker hubs.

Learn more about the five best beaches on Ko Chang.

Klong Son Beach

Within a short ride from the ferry pier on the island’s northern tip, the small beach of Klong Son hides just beyond the roadside. This secluded crescent bay, flanked by two headlands, makes for a small yet beautiful beach. By far, Klong Son is Ko Chang’s quiet bay with a small marina, homes, luxury apartments, and stylish hotels. It’s a lovely little beach where you can pamper yourself at a spa before losing yourself in the sunset with a glass of chilled sparkling wine.


Little Sunshine Boutique Beach Resort & Spa is a beachside boutique hotel with stunning floor-to-ceiling glass doors with amazing views and the ocean breeze wafting through.

White Sand Beach

True to its name, White Sand Beach (or Hat Sai Khao) is proud of its long strip of powdery white sand. This long beach stretches out along the promenade where luxury hotels, restaurants, and bars with magnificent sea views keep visitors happy. White Sand Beach’s northern side is packed with cozy and fashionable beachfront hotels and resorts like the 15 Palms Beach Resort and KC Grande Resort & Spa. The southern part of White Sand Beach is home to budget hotels. With a laid-back feel, White Sand Beach is the most popular choice for basking in the sun, taking a serene beach walk, or watching a sensational sunset.


A few steps to the White Sand Beach, 15 Palm Beach combines top beach locations and stylish rooms with bargain prices. KC Grande Resort & Spa offers a luxury treat with a superb outdoor pool by the palm-fringed beach. 

Klong Prao Beach

Get a ferry ride through the Klong Son Beach and the White Sand Beach and you will arrive at Klong Prao Bay—another popular beach with a laid-back atmosphere. Traelers can paddle their surfboards in the mellow waves where the long beach splits into three smaller beaches. Nature lovers and beachcombers can explore a long sweep of fine sand while eyeing the critters left on the land by receding water. Klong Prao Beach is complete with good restaurants, fine bars, and high-end resorts. Within walking distance to its southern side, the smaller Kaibae Beach is a favorite among families for a serene strip of sandy beach.


Set on the beautiful coconut-swaying beach and powdery sand, The Dewa Ko Chang is a tropical island beach treat. Offering a private villa and plunge pool by the beach, Barali Beach Resort & Spa is ideal for a romantic escape. 

Lonely Beach

Ironically enough, no one should be lonely (or sleepy) at Lonely Beach—Ko Chang’s haven for backpackers and paradise for party-lovers. Reaching from Kaibae Beach to Bailan Bay, Lonely Beach runs for about two kilometers along the forested headland and local village. Lonely Beach draws in young travelers of all ages for budget bungalows and carefree beach life. This sandy, palm-fringed beach is a perfect spot for sunbathing. It is upbeat in the evening when young travelers pass buckets of vodka around, and DJs spin everything from deep house to electronic dance music. Lonely Beach is a fun area to stay, dance, and party to your heart’s content.


With sea views from rustic cottages, terrace, and the garden, Siam Hut is one of the best party spots on Ko Chang. For a modern and stylish stay, Nest Sense Resort takes pride in its lovely designed rooms, infinity pools, and bar. 

Bailan Bay

Tucked away in the far south of Ko Chang’s west coast, the crescent bay of Bailan provides one kilometer of golden sandy beach with shallow water. The Bailan Beach is quieter than its northern neighbor, the Lonely Beach, where enthusiastic beach parties and loud music rekindle the party animal in you. With cozy and stylish cottages and bungalows and hip places to eat, the Bailan Beach is a wonderful place to explore.


Located on Bailan Beach, the Mercure Ko Chang Hideaway boasts modern Thai-style accommodation, a private beach, and pampering spa treatments.


6 Best Diving Spots around Ko Chang 

Ko Chang draws in scuba divers from around the world thanks to its colorful and exotic animals like the whale shark—the world’s largest fish. The number of preserved shipwrecks also adds excitement and wonder to the underwater scenery. For the most part, the diving sites around Ko Chang are shallow and calm, making them ideal spots for beginners and casual divers. Within a short trip from Ko Chang, you will be mesmerized by colorful coral reefs, technicolor fish, and mysterious wrecks.

Here are some of the best diving sites you can jump into for an adventure.

Ko Rang National Park

About a one hour ride by speed boat off Bang Bao Pier, Rang Island is an excellent multilevel diving site. It offers an incredible rock structure that brings to mind an underwater cathedral. Barracuda, sea porcupine, groupers, triggerfish, turtle, and batfish are the big draw to Ko Rang. Hin Kra Duang, a collection of underwater rock pinnacles south of Rang Island, is a marine paradise for deepwater divers. Giant trevally, titan triggerfish, eagle rays, and sea whip are common around the pinnacles.

Hin Luk Bath

Underwater pinnacles and large boulders (11-25 meters) are overwhelmed with marine life three kilometers from Ko Chang. It’s the best place to enjoy sea turtles, moray eels, stingrays, parrotfish, snappers, fusiliers, big groupers, and many more. Colorful Christmas tree worms sway in the current like wind dancing banners. Hin Luk Bath is a promising site for a night dive. The darkness transforms marine life into mysterious beauty as most bioluminescent fish display their lights at night. Get a glimpse of rarely seen creatures migrating to the sea’s surface to feed.

Chang Wreck

The HTMS Chang Navy Shipwreck, 6.5 kilometers off Ko Chang, is the most popular diving site. A free-diver, a new scuba diver, or an experienced wreck diver alike can have their fair share of adventure at the site of the U.S.-made, 117-meter tank landing ship. Expect a wide diversity of marine life with everything from barracuda, grouper, squid, and octopus to a multitude of reef fish that have now made the wreck their home. Whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, occasionally roam around the area from October to April. Be prepared to witness the graceful giants.

Snorkeling around Ko Wai

Six kilometers south of Ko Chang is the jungle-clad and reef-fringed island of Ko Wai. While the beach is sandy and rustic, the seabed is home to healthy coral gardens teeming with tropical fish, moray eels, and turtles in shallow depths. The crystal-clear shallow water makes Ko Wai an excellent spot for snorkelers of all levels. Visitors can purchase a day-trip snorkeling tour to hop and drop at different snorkeling spots around Ko Wai and Ko Rang.

5 Gorgeous Short Hikes on Ko Chang 

Ko Chang, a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, has more to share with visitors than the beach and warm sunlight. With high mountain ranges and evergreen forest, Ko Chang rewards hikers and walkers with scenic paths, greenery, refreshing watering holes, and panoramic ocean views. Put on your best pair of walking shoes and hit the trails. Here are the five best tracks to add some adventure into your island beach holiday in Ko Chang.

Klong Son Trekking Trail

Ko Chang’s oldest trekking trail has served as a haven for novice trekkers and trail walkers for decades. The nature trail sets off with a leisurely stroll from the local village and farmlands. Then, the route snakes its way through rainforest and treetop canopy before a moderate climb to the summit of Khao Chedi. Keep an eye out for exotic flora and fauna, such as wild orchid, hornbills, and eagles. After reaching the peak, a breathtaking ocean view is your reward. The highlight is the hidden waterfall where water seeps down into the natural plunge pool. A relaxing dip in the cooling water restores your energy for the trip down.

Hiking Level: Moderate

Length: Six hours

Klong Prao Scenic Route

This nine-kilometer loop lets you experience the best of Ko Chang—beach and mountain—on foot. You start with a coastal walk along Klong Prao Beach and then enjoy a stroll through a grassland, tropical fruit gardens, and rubber plantations. Things become more challenging as the trail twists along a steep path to a 500-meter peak. After a picnic lunch, you start downhill to a lagoon and waterfall.

Hiking level: Moderate

Length: Five hours

Khao Jom Peak

This hiking route extends beyond a scenic walk on Klong Son trail—Ko Chang’s oldest hiking route. The course starts alongside a local village and tropical garden and then takes you around the island’s northern tip. Then the road climbs upwards into the peak of Khao Jom—perching 680 meters over the blue sea. On a clear day, the White Sand Beach looks resplendent from here. On the returning leg, the trail drops down to a waterfall—where you finish your hike by soaking in the watering hole. 

Hiking Level: Challenging with series of steep climbs 

Length: Seven hours

Klong Phlu Waterfall 

This scenic trail, a narrow pathway slithering through a tropical garden and rain forest, connects the western coastal line to the waterfall. It’s an ideal hiking route for families with young children since it demands no climbing. Starting at the beachside community of Klong Prao village, the trail leads past some native plants and evergreen forest wildflowers. Klong Phlu waterfall is the end of the track, with crystal-clear water falling into a small pond. Bring a swimsuit if you want to soak up in the water.

Hiking level: Easy

Length: Four hours

Salak Phet Hike

At the southern end of Chang Island, the Salak Phet route is a coastal hike via a steep pathway and tropical jungle to a majestic outlook over the Gulf of Thailand. The hike starts at Khiri Phet Waterfall then climbs up the top of Khao Laem Peak—which perches over the three southern bays Salak Phet, Salak Kok, and Bang Bao. Here you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view before descending into the village. 

Hiking level: Challenging with series of steep climbs 

Length: Full day

5 Ways to Thrill and Chill in Ko Chang 

From hurtling into the air to a sea kayak expedition, Chang Island is the best place to satiate your thrill-seeking needs.

Thai Boxing

Do you want to become athletic like martial arts actor Tony Ja while having a vacation in the tropical island? Ko Chang is the best place to combine Muay Thai boxing with a holiday. Many Thai boxing camps are on the island where you can learn how to kick, punch and knee strike from professional Thai boxing trainers. In Bailan Bay, Ko Chang Thai Boxing Camp offers two daily training sessions (8am-10am and 4pm-6pm) at 800 Baht for a two-hour session. Boxers of all levels, including kids, are welcomed here. Sakaran Smile Club Gym, in Klong Prao Beach, is famous for a week or more of extended training. In Kai Bae Beach, PP Wanrung Ko Chang Muay Thai Gym has casual and intensive Thai boxing training.

Treetop Adventure

After some time spent in lazy beach mode, travelers may like to switch to something that will spice up their holidays. If balancing, climbing, and flying from one tree to another sounds like you, then Tree Top Adventure Park Ko Chang is your destination. Getting off the ground may look scary, but flying through the forest canopy at high speeds is unbelievably fun. This eco-friendly park lets thrill-seekers have fun with collections of games and challenges. Enjoy Rope Bridges, Tarzan Swings, Flying Skateboards, Tightrope Walk, and Giant Zip Lines. No matter how old you are, you will enjoy hours of fun and excitement. Located in Bailan Bay, the Tree Top Adventure Park opens three rounds daily (9am, 12pm, and 2pm).

Sea Kayak Expeditions

With rustic waterways, mangrove forests, fishing villages, and picturesque islands dotted around, Ko Chang provides a fantastic multi-day kayaking experience. You can explore several islands and enjoy secret beaches all by yourself. There are also plenty of day trip options to match your stay. You can spend a peaceful couple of hours drifting through the mangrove forest spotting hawks, marine birds, and crab-eating macaque. South East Asia Kayaking, aka S.E.A. Kayaking, uses top-of-the-range equipment and highly skilled guides.


Chang archipelago draws sailors to its waters. With around 50 tropical islands, deserted, white sandy beaches, and isolated bays, Ko Chang offers the ultimate island getaway on luxurious Bavaria 33 or some bigger sailboats like Hanse 540. Unlike Samui Island and those in the Andaman Sea, Ko Chang is an up-and-coming sailing destination. You won’t spend the whole day sailing just to moor with dozens of yachts. You can explore the tiny islands with just a couple of resorts like Ko Wai and Ko Lao Ya, and roll back into the water to float along with shipwrecks and colorful reefs. From October to April, there are vessels available at Mandala Sailing and Aqua Charters for either bareboat or skippered yacht charter in Ko Chang Island.

Quad Biking

Plow through streams, muds, windswept valleys, and rainforests. If you’re after excitement and fun, try quad biking along challenging, off-road tracks. With many exciting venues for all levels in Ko Chang, you can spend over an hour seeing the island on four wheels. Based at White Sand Beach and Klong Prao Beach, quad bike providers let you ride a quad out with an expert guide on an exciting adventure through the evergreen forest. The specially-designed tracks snaking their ways through the rugged island landscape will ensure non-stop, heart-thumping fun for thrill-seekers and adrenaline-junkies alike.


5 Best Thai Restaurants in Ko Chang

Ko Chang has more to offer than Chang Beer when it comes to simple pleasures: food and drinks. With a tropical climate and high rainfall, the island is abundant with fruits, spices, herbs, and vegetation, which pair well with fish, crab, mantis shrimp, and what they got from the sea.

The islanders have developed unique taste buds for a distinctive “hot and sweet” flavor over their food thanks to influence from Chinese, Thai, and Cambodian cuisines.

Food is always fresh in local restaurants at Ko Chang. Look for tasty dishes like “Hoi Chor” (deep-fried crab rolls), “Pu Phad Phong Karee” (curry crab in coconut, chili, and turmeric sauce), and “Tom Yum” (spicy seafood soup).

Here are the five best Thai restaurants to dine at in Ko Chang.


Nestled along the lovely estuary, Phu-Talay is the finest seafood restaurant on Klong Prao Beach. With an accent of cerulean blue and red lifebuoys on the walls, the white and airy old building is charming both day and night. Great for sharing dishes are: “Pu Phad Phong Karee” (curry crab in coconut, chili, and turmeric sauce), “Hoi Shell Phad Cha” (stir-fried scallops with chili, crispy kaffir lime leaves, and garlic), Pu Nim Tod Krob (deep-fried soft-shell crabs), and “Pla Muek Phad Khai Khem” (stir-fried squids in salted egg sauce).

Nong Bua Seafood

With shaky tables and faded plastic chairs, Nong Bua Seafood restaurant offers the best Thai food for less money. The restaurant has served up Thai food at White Sand Beach for more than 20 years and always has a line of people waiting to eat. You can choose a set of red snapper, crab, cuttlefish, and shrimp, then decide how you like to have them cooked for you. Sensational deep-fried snapper with Thai seafood dip is a must-try. Stir-fried cuttlefish with crispy garlic and chili pairs perfectly with a cold beer.

The Souk Cocktail Bar & Restaurant

A wide-sweeping ocean view of Ko Chang’s northeastern coast is an excellent reason on its own to pay a visit to the Souk Cocktail Bar & Restaurant—the food adds another. The Souk has more extensive dining experience choices, varying from fusion Mediterranean and Japanese rolls to authentic Thai soups and curries.

Saaitara Restaurant 

This fine-dining restaurant offers Mediterranean-Thai cuisine with a view of the beautiful canal and rustic nature. Its signature dishes are Kaeng Karee Kung (yellow prawn curry with Thai sweet potato in coconut milk) and Tom Kha Talay (cuttlefish, snapper, and shrimp with galangal and lemongrass in delicate coconut broth).

Kati Culinary

Keeping the menu simple, Kati Culinary follows the Thai home cooking tradition. Every dish starts from scratch and takes a little more time to prepare. The delicious dishes are worth every minute spent waiting for them. Many travelers love Massaman curry, Kaeng Phed Ped Yang (Thai red curry with roasted duck), Tom Yum (spicy seafood soup), and Phad Ka Phrao Talay (garlic and spicy stir-fried cuttlefish and shrimp with holy basil). Kati also offers vegetarian options.


Thailand has more than 3,232 miles of coastline and 936 islands—but finding untouched sands is not easy. Fortunately, Kut Island in the east of the Gulf of Thailand remains relatively unknown to tourists.

Kut Island (also spelled Kood) has a perfect blend of isolation, natural beauty, and a laid-back vibe.

With more coconut trees than buildings, Ko Kut is much quieter than Ko Chang. Expect to find a slow-paced village lifestyle, rustic wooden bungalows hiding in coconut plantations, and pristine beaches with super-soft sands. 

Ko Kut draws visitors looking to bask in the sun, dip in the warm, clear water, and watch a sensational sunset. Outside the stylish resorts and spa, tons of activities are waiting. Vacationers can drop below the water for underwater scenery or explore a scenic coastline by kayak.

Getting There

Ko Kood Princess, Ko Kut Express, and Boonsiri operate daily services from the mainland pier of Laem Sok, 22 kilometers southeast of Trat, to the bay of Ao Salad in Northeastern bay of Ko Kut.  Speedboats are also available from Ko Chang to Ko Kut. 

Getting Around

There is no public transportation in Ko Kut, and roads here are too steep for cycling. Visitors can also rent out a motorcycle or walk. 

6 Best Beaches in Ko Kut

Far from big crowds, Ko Kut has sunset-drenched beaches, pristine sands, and lines of swaying coconut trees. The island has blossomed as a favorite among in-the-know travelers and solitude-seekers. All the beautiful beaches are on the island’s western side. The further south you go, the more secluded beaches you get. Here are some of Ko Kut’s finest beaches to visit.

Ao Tapao Beach

Ao Tapao is the longest beach on the island and has only three resorts. It is a haven for solitude-seekers. Ko Kood Paradise Beach occupies a prime spot on a 200-meter-long stretch of sand, while Medee Resort blends modern design with a rustic feel. Sea Far Resort offers beachfront cabins at a competitive room rate at the southern end.

Klong Chao Beach

Soft sand, shady coconut trees, cold drinks, and a spectacular sunset—Klong Chao Beach has everything a person could want on a tropical island vacation. Most travelers stay here for its beauty and variety of hotels and resorts. Many high-end resorts are nestled along a beautiful beach, while smaller yet stylish cottages perch along the canal. Tinkerbell Resort offers rustic-chic, thatch-roof villas right next to the white sandy beach. Cocooned by a coconut jungle, Wendy the Pool Resort is proud of its stylish pool-access rooms on a pristine stretch of white powdery beach.

Ao Noi Beach

As the name suggests, this isolated “Ao Noi” (small bay) is relatively small in size. However, the tiny beach makes a big impression with its tranquility and beauty. The coconut-swaying beach, wooden pier and boardwalk stretching out to the crystal-clear water, and rustic-chic cottages made of driftwood make Ao Noi Beach an excellent place for vacationers seeking refuge from their hectic daily routines. Ao Noi Resort Ko Kood also has private bungalows with a view.

Ao Prao Beach

Tucked away in the island’s southernmost corner, vast coconut plantations and clear seawater surround Ao Prao Beach. The vanilla-white beach is blissful with a gentle sweep of sand and swaying coconut trees. You have a wide choice of lodging options here with beachside resorts lining the shore. The stylish cottages perch over the canal showing off the rustic beauty of mangrove estuaries. Dotting along the white sand beach and nestled along the estuary, Rest Sea Resort Ko Kood offers rooms overlooking the turquoise sea.

Bang Bao Bay

Located in the southwest of Ko Kut, Bang Bao is a crescent bay known for its shallow blue water and gentle waves lapping against the golden sand. A postcard-worthy paradise with a smooth seafloor and calm water, Bang Bao is the most popular beach for families. Kids will love the laid-back activities, varying from snorkeling to digging sand and shell-hunting. The Beach Natural Resort Ko Kood is a sophisticated and stylish place for guests to enjoy total peace and beauty.

Klong Hin Beach

In Ko Kut’s southwestern coast, the charming horseshoe bay boasts a beautiful sweep of white sand through a calm and warm light-blue water. The idyllic beach of Klong Hin, with its laid-back atmosphere and tropical island beach vibe, lets you reconnect to pristine nature and local spirit. Visitors can stay at the eco-friendly and stylish A La Ko Kood.

5 Things to Do in Ko Kut

With the warm powdery sand between your toes, a shady swaying palm, turquoise water lapping against the shore, and a fruity cocktail in hand, Ko Kut, it can be tempting to stay at the beach for your whole trip. However, it’s just one part of the experience. Ko Kut offers a whole variety of fun things to do while visiting.

Hit the water on your own

Sea kayaking lets you absorb Ko Kut’s natural beauty. While you’re paddling along Ko Kut’s coastline, you can observe how interesting and varied the tropical paradise is. The seawater is shallow, crystalline, and calm. From an estuary, you can paddle upstream to explore beautiful riverbanks dotted with mangroves and local communities. Most of the beachfront hotels have sea kayak available for their guests. 

Take a dip in a watering hole

Located along a river with the same name, the three cascades Klong Chao Waterfall sweeps down into a wide lagoon. The crystal-clear emerald green pool bounded by lush walls of the rainforest and rushing falls is magical. It’s hard to resist stripping down to your shorts and plunging in. Klong Chao Waterfall is the perfect place to spend an afternoon and take an outdoor swim.

Discover underwater scenery

Set in the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Kut Island is a beautiful gateway to underwater scenery. More than ten diving spots with unique rocks and spectacular coral reefs are about 15 minutes by boat from the island. They’re suitable for diving all year round, and each offers an exceptional experience. Ko Raet diving spot, with crystalline water and a five-meter depth, draws in the free-diver, scuba divers, and snorkelers for beautiful coral, stingrays, moray eels, and underwater sculptures. Within an hour ride by speedboat from Ko Kut, divers can roll back into the water and float around a shipwreck. Follow big barracuda and sea turtles around Ko Chang and Ko Rang marine national parks.

Experience local food at a stilted fisherman village

Set in a small bay in Ko Kut’s southeastern corner, Ao Yai Fisherman Village is the place to rub shoulders with locals and dig into hot and spicy seafood. You will have to whizz your way on a winding road from the west to the east coast to reach the village. As you are descending into the town, don’t forget to stop at the Ao Yai viewpoint, where you can see the stilted village sprawling out from the island into the sea. There’s more to this village than just the dramatic outlook. To fully appreciate the fisherman village, find a table at a restaurant and order some local seafood to immerse yourself in the island’s beauty and simplicity. Try a sensational bowl of Tom Yum Kung (spicy seafood soup) and deep-fried snapper with Thai seafood dip.

An Adventure in Deer Island

If Bambi is your favorite childhood movie, then Ko Kradat should be on your list. Kradat literally means paper, so it is not a big surprise to see that the island is as flat as a sheet. Almost deserted, Kradat Island is home to more than 1,000 barking deers. The creatures roam freely around the century-old coconut plantation. With a strip of white sandy beach and a food shack fixing a quick and simple lunch, the island is well worth the hour trip from Ko Kut. Animal lovers and families with kids will have a good time here. The deer are not afraid of people, and they don’t run away when eager photographers come over. This hot spot is a private island, so visitors must pay an entry fee and take a short ride on a carrier tractor.

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