Following the sunset, the night is still young for many visitors and locals who habitually hit the hay late. No matter how far the night creeps in, where there’s a market, there is a group of people who prove the phrase ‘shop till you drop’ was coined for a reason.

Thailand is known for its nightlife, with shoppers and foodies often indulging in nocturnal purchasing and eats. As you travel across the Land of Smiles, make sure to take a late evening stroll through these spots across different provinces.



The Thai capital hardly sleeps with nocturnal activities on the main roads from twilight until dawn breaks. Foodies can please their palate by munching on some delectable bites from the bountiful roadside stalls and eateries in Bangkok. The only question shoppers will have is at which night market to start.

Awesome Open-Air Asiatique: The Riverfront

Asiatique The Riverfront - artapartment

Since opening in 2012, Asiatique The Riverfront has been irresistible to shopping enthusiasts with over 1,500 shops, stalls, and restaurants housed in former warehouses.

The pioneering large-scale, open-air mall occupies the former docks of the historic East Asiatic Company. It faces the breathtaking Chao Phraya River and Charoen Krung Road. Asiatique manages to keep a striking balance between tradition and globalization with a strong cultural aspect emphasized in every section. It successfully combines a night bazaar and a mall to create a truly unique shopping experience. The market appeals to visitors from all age groups, from youngsters and middle-aged clientele to baby boomers.

Open from 5pm, Asiatique is in 4 categories, each of which is called a district. For shopping enthusiasts, the Charoenkrung District is where you will find the majority of boutiques. Across four warehouses, they sell anything including jewelry, handicrafts, and clothing. Meanwhile, in the Factory District, one can browse cutting-edge fashion and gadgets. The other two districts are for diners to enjoy scrumptious food and drinks. There is something for everyone here. Asiatique is open daily from 4pm to 12am.

Old School Shopping Streets around Silom & Surawong neighborhood

A shop in Silom

Repeat visitors to Bangkok should be familiar with Silom and Surawong. These two roads are known as the capital’s original night shopping streets and are magnets for shoppers. Following the sunset, roadside stalls set up on these streets, turning the area into a large night market neighborhood. It is known for cheap products like clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and more. Thanks to its informal nature, the market is one of the best places to test your bargaining skills. The market is open daily, except for Monday from 6pm to 12am.

Get Inspired  At ChangChui Creative Park

ChangChui Creative Park - Pearl BKK

One of the newer options, ChangChui Creative Park has made headlines as one of the trendiest hangout places thanks to its sophisticated concept.

When it launched in 2017, Lonely Planet dubbed ChangChui “one of the most eclectic and exciting openings Bangkok has seen in years.” It was built with the eco-friendly philosophy to inspire visitors through art, designs, shops, and entertainment. The massive retired L-1011 TriStar Lockheed military plane has also become a new Instagrammable checkpoint among Bangkokians.

Eateries, cafes, bars, and a games-designated area contribute to the park’s reputation as a one-stop art and shopping destination. ChangChui has designer’s products, handcrafted merchandise, antiques, and art by painters and photographers. It also has a wonderful selection of reused, recycled, and second-hand items—a big focus of the eco-friendly marketplace. Visit ChangChui any weekday except Wed 4pm to 11pm, and on weekends from 11am to 11pm.

Authentic Open Air Train Night Market

The renowned Talat Rot Fai, literally the Train Market, has its origin in the Chatuchak neighborhood. It played an integral part in taking the night market scene in Bangkok to a whole new level. Currently located on Srinakarin Road, the vast nocturnal marketplace comprises thousands of stalls. Shoppers are more than willing to get lost in the sea of merchandise, including vintage and antiques, fashion, collectibles, decorative arts, Japan-imported figures, and more. Chances are you will stumble upon hard-to-find items, a feature that made the market famous in the first place. Of course, street food aplenty will give you the energy boost needed until you finish shopping. Check out the Train Market every Thursday to Sunday from 5pm to 1am.

Multicolored Ratchada Train Market

Rot Fai Market

Also known as the Rot Fai Market 2 and Ratchada Night Market, this open air trading place has colorful tents—a popular subject in photos. They make it one of the most photogenic night markets in the City of Angels. Ratchada is also easier to reach for tourists by the metro service known as MRT to the National Cultural Centre station. Here you will be able to find vintage fashions and rare collectibles alongside new and used items. Like many of its peers, the market is full of street food stalls to keep your stomach well-fed and your energy recharged after a long stroll. The market is open from Thursday to Sunday from 5pm to 1am.


Renowned Night Bazaar

This hub of nightly street-side commerce draws visitors through an expansive array of merchandise, including Chiang Mai-graffiti tees, Thai boxing shorts, local-style shirts, small souvenirs, and accessories. It’s a one-stop shopping area for those who haven’t made up their minds on a present for loved ones back home. Visit it at the intersection of Chang Khlan Road and Loi Kroh Road daily from 6pm until 11pm. The market spreads out for two blocks in either direction. 

Wonderful Weekend Walking Streets

In Chiang Mai’s city center Wua Lai and Tha Pae roads hold markets on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively.

The Saturday market is less crowded, while the latter is on many things-to-do lists. This designation is thanks, in part, to Tha Pae gate being one of the most recognizable landmarks in Chiang Mai. One can find a vibrant spectrum of products in both markets, from home-made charcoal soaps, cheap sandals, and local indigo-dyed shirts to silver accessories, postcards, and paintings by local artists. For gastronomes, street food wonders on both streets never cease.

Unavoidably, visitors often compare the two walking streets. The Wua Lai Walking Street is just a short walk from the old city walls, about a ten-minute walk from Tha Pae Gate. If you are not keen on walking, you need a tuk-tuk drop-off from the old city. The marketplace is smaller and the atmosphere is a little more relaxing. It allows for a carefree stroll with no hassle or big crowds.

The more famous Tha Pae Walking Street draws bigger crowds thanks in part to its location. The neighborhoods within the old walled city usually have eclectic happenings and house some must-visit sites. The Sunday marketplace offers a vibrant selection of handmade goods, crafts, and souvenirs, all presenting northern Thailand’s spirit.

Wua Lai Walking Street is open on Saturdays from 5pm to 11pm, and Tha Pae Walking Street is open Sundays.

Yummy Nibbles at Night Food Markets on the North & the South Ends

Are you part of the group of people who usually hits the sack late? Two food markets in Chiang Mai are ideal venues for a delicious late dinner. Make your way to the north end of the moat and you will find the Chang Phuak Night Market. Here you can try anything from a variety of fried noodles and pork knuckles to Satay and stir-fried vegetables. On the south end, the food market at Chiang Mai Gate offers a similar local food variation and a bit of international cuisine. Opening Hours are daily from 5pm to 11pm.


Chaing Rai

Chiang Rai is rather sleepy when compared to its neighboring provinces like Chiang Mai. Yet, the humble and historic former Lanna kingdom offers some after dark venues where late-night eaters and night-loving purchasers can have the time of their lives.

Long-Standing Night Bazaar

Now far from Chiang Rai’s clock tower, you will find the city’s main night bazaar between Phaholyothin and Prasopsuk Roads. At this marketplace, vendors start their business after the sunset and sell a range of hill-tribe crafts, silver jewelry, wallets, fashion accessories, t-shirts, and sneakers. While smaller than Chiang Mai’s famous Night Bazaar, the atmosphere is friendlier, making it enjoyable for an evening stroll. Like elsewhere, price negotiation is part of the fun. You can also enjoy some cultural performances on two outdoor stages and grab some delectable bites or a quick drink from a food court. The bazaar is open daily from 6pm to 11pm.

Environmentally Friendly Saturday Night Market

This evening marketplace turns Thana Lai Road into a walking street every Saturday in a traditional Lanna ambiance and an environmentally friendly manner. Here you can find everything you wish to buy from herbs and artifacts to decorative items, art pieces, and souvenirs. It’s a paradise for foodies because they get to try local delicacies and other common foods served in containers made of paper, bamboo, and banana leaves. The Saturday Night Market is open every Saturday from 5pm to 11pm.

Happy Sunday Street

Thanon Khon Muan, which means the Street of Happy People, is an alternative market for those missing the Saturday one. Located on San Khong Noi Road, Happy Street attracts mostly locals and a few international visitors. It offers the same variety of products, from clothing, bags, and accessories to decorative items, fresh produce, and dried foods. It’s an excellent place to spend time on a lazy Sunday, intermingle with locals, and munch on street food bites from an array of stalls. It also features live performances. Visitors are welcome to enjoy Thanon Khon Muan every Sunday from 5pm to 11pm.

Romantic Riverside Saturday Walking Street At Chiang Saen

For foodies and shopping enthusiasts, Chiang Saen happens to feature a kilometers-long romantic waterfront. On Saturdays, a section of the riverside area is closed off to vehicles, allowing locals and visitors to wander around the night market. It’s a magnet for locals and tourists alike.

With food stalls and makeshift shops lined up along the riverside street, there’s quite a view. Food options include barbeques, curries, salads, rice, and noodle dishes. Pick an eatery or a stall, take a seat on the mat or a low stool and savor all delectable tastes you’ve ordered as you enjoy the sunset in the great Mekong. The small town’s waterfront is romantically scenic. You can choose to enjoy the spectacular sundown first before venturing off for late shopping and dining. Chiang Saen’s waterfront market is open every Saturday from 4pm to 12am.


Chill Out at Cicada Market 

Cicada Market

The resort town of Hua Hin is known for its worry-free ambiance and Cicada Market. The open air weekend night market—also open on Thursdays and Fridays—is for those enthusiastic about art, clothing, decor, and handmade crafts. A beer garden and live music make it appeal to those looking for some entertainment. Cicada Market is open Friday through Sunday from 4pm to 11pm.


Like Bangkok, the resort city of Phuket is an embodiment of a vibrant night market, offering intense, colorful, and surprising experiences.

The Most Popular Phuket Sunday Street Market

Lard Yai - Breezy Stock

Known as ‘Lard Yai’ by residents, this night market is the most popular in Phuket Town and became an instant success after launch. Phuket Sunday Walking Street weekend market takes place along Phuket Town’s Thalang Road, turning this historic part of the town into a must-visit on Sundays. It hosts over 30 stalls selling local fare, t-shirts, cheap jeans, and handicraft products. It also features yummy street food and music entertainment. Visit Lard Yai every Sunday from 5pm to 9pm.

Phuket Weekend Market

Phuket Chatuchak - Vassamon Anansukkasem

This market goes by a few names, including ‘Phuket Chatuchak’ and ‘Naka Market.’ Locals refer to it as ‘Talad Tairod,’ meaning ‘car boot sale.’ The market is an ever-expanding night bazaar near Central Festival. Its huge size and crowded atmosphere can be real fun for those seeking an adventure. It is an exhilarating walk to inspect the market’s two sections, shopping, and food. Clothing, bags, watches, and accessories are just some of the product categories on display. Experience Phuket Chatuchak on Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm to 9pm.

Mellow Out at Chillva Night Market Phuket

Located between Tesco Lotus and Phuket Town on Yaowarat Road, Chillva Night Market Phuket is the city’s latest offering on the night market front. It attracts visitors with the trendy use of old containers and a hip, young, fun, and bohemian vibe. Offerings at the market include clothing, sports gear, accessories, and renowned street food. For those worried about transport back to your hotel, the team at the exit will sort out taxis for visitor’s convenience. Chillva Night Market is open Thursday through Saturday from 5pm to 11pm.

Cool Off at Karon Temple Market 

Occupying part of Wat Karon’s compound, this twice-weekly market offers a wide array of products and local food. This market has grown popular in recent years and provides a real insight into the local customs and culture. Karon Temple Market is open Tuesday and Friday from 4pm to 10pm.


Vibrant Fisherman’s Village Walking Street 

One of the most popular weekly markets on the resort island is the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street. It brings the sleepy neighborhood of Bophut to life like never before. Every Friday, the beach area becomes a lively market with stalls and shoppers from across Samui cramming the beach road and adjacent streets. Here they sell everything from handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, t-shirts, craftworks, and designer items to handicrafts, herbs, and spices. Performances like traditional dances and Thai boxing shows add some entertainment and spectacle to the lively market. Visit this vibrant street market Fridays from 5pm to 11pm.


Food-Focused Krabi Town Walking Street

Krabi Town Walking Street

This heavily food-focused walking street in Soi Maharaj 8 of Krabi Town is the province’s most popular shopping market. It features stalls selling a wide range of jewelry and products from local artisans. The highlight of the market is its much-loved street food, including dishes like spring rolls and Pad Thai. Durian is second to none in terms of popularity. Local performances on the stage in the market’s center provide an added liveliness to the atmosphere. Krabi Town Walking Street is open Friday through Sunday 5:30 to 10pm.

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