The rains that begin each year in late May through June are a welcome respite from the heat of the hot season and the signal to plant rice. For many adventure tourists, it means the waters are rising in Thailand’s rivers and it’s time for some exciting white-water rafting.

Several tour operators in different parts of the Kingdom offer rafting trips with rapids chosen according to your skill and experience, with class one through five rapids available.
Rafting can be enjoyed by the rookie or the experienced veteran. Cruising down a gentle stream on a bamboo raft surrounded by foliage and chattering birds is a mild safari of sightseeing.

For the intrepid, white-water rafting is full of chills and potential spills. The seasonal rains and lightning storms that put a damper on some outdoor activities from May to October only enhance white-water rafting as the rivers surge, swell and run rabid. For the dedicated rafter or kayaker, the rains add an element of danger to their white-knuckle adventures, turning a voyage into a rush of endorphins.

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