Responsible Tourism

Thailand is committed to promoting responsible tourism in numerous forms like wellness, nature, and community-based tourism. Learn how Thailand is leading in responsible travel in order to help preserve the environment and local communities for years to come.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has partnered with GLP Films on its first video campaign focused on strengthening the future of responsible tourism in Thailand as an important tenet for a leading global travel destination. Filmed in Chiang Mai and the Andaman Coast in Southern Thailand, the videos spotlight experiences that support the environment, local tourism, and rural communities, including health and wellness, community-based tourism, animal welfare, and conservation. The stories help illustrate how responsible travelers seeking more meaningful experiences can choose responsible tourism options for their next visit to Thailand.

Now, more than ever, wellness travel offers a transformational experience, to sustain ourselves and reconnect to the world around us. In Thailand, wellness is not a trend, it is a tradition because of the many authentic wellness experiences that take you beyond the spa and connect you directly to culture and the land.
The connections between elephants and Thai culture are very deep and have evolved over thousands of years. Experiencing elephants in Thailand can be a meaningful part of your journey. But conditions for elephants and the people who care for them rely on the support of responsible travelers by choosing elephant experiences that support elephant welfare and benefit the community of elephant caretakers.
Community-based travel and homestays provide a meaningful way to immerse yourself in your travel experience, enjoy a true cultural exchange, and directly support local economies. You can participate in hands-on activities like authentic farm-to-table cooking, learning traditional crafts, conservation projects, or just relaxing as part of the community.

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