Thailand offers amazing shopping experiences to visitors, ranging from international and local luxurious goods to traditional and royal handicraft products.

Each region of Thailand specializes in its own arts and crafts and features different types of products. Among the most famous local handicraft products are wicker ware, Khon mask models, Bencharong hand-painted porcelain, and molded court dolls from the Central region, Matmi silk, Khit patterned cotton, and bamboo basketry from the Northeast.

Elsewhere you’ll find hill-tribe crafts, silverware, lacquerware, Mo Hom fabric and clothes, hand-woven Chok embroidery-bordered textiles, and woodcarving products from the North and Nang Talung (shadow play puppets), hand-woven Yan Liphao basketry, and a variety of practical and decorative items using coconut shells and rubber tree products from the south.

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