Street Food

For most Bangkokians, roadside dining is a way of life. For decades, street food in Thailand has fascinated, nourished, and satisfied those looking for delicious, quality food.

Dotted around almost every street in Bangkok, food stalls are open all day, and, in some areas, all night. These round-the-clock street-side delights offer an amazing array of food ranging from rice with curries to various noodle dishes, from Som Tam and grilled chicken to fresh seafood. And make no mistake, they are just as good as the dishes found in “proper” restaurants. The difference is the experience when dining at a roadside stall or shop, where a whole new culinary adventure awaits.

A few tips for enjoying roadside food stalls: Bring cash, as most of the vendors on the streets do not accept credit cards. Look for food stalls with a crowd – a good indication of delicious food. Choose stalls where customers can watch the food being cooked, and avoid raw seafood or precooked food that has been sitting in pots all day. (Some vendors display a “Clean Food Good Taste” sign, signifying certification by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.)

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